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To Be a Travel Agent By Lindsey Johnson.

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1 To Be a Travel Agent By Lindsey Johnson

2 Travel Agent Travel agents assess individual's and business people's needs to help them make the best possible travel arrangements. An agent may specialize by type of travel, such as leisure or business. Assist clients in finding travel package deals for their needs. Aid clients with reservations, transfers, changes, and cancellations. Book domestic and international reservations for air travel, rail tickets, hotel and car rentals. Secure new client sales and retention through customer service provided. Monitor and sort global distribution system (GDS) queues (or similar program) to maintain quality control. Stay educated on airline rules, regulations and current affairs. Create service contracts for group travel. Providing alternatives for customer travel! SALARY Experience, sales ability, and the size and location of the agency determine the salary of a travel agent. Median annual wages of travel agents were $30,570 in May The middle 50 percent earned between $23,940 and $38,390. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $18,770, while the top 10 percent earned more than $47,860. Median wages in May 2008 for travel agents employed in the travel arrangement and reservation services industry were $30,470.Salaried agents usually enjoy standard employer-paid benefits that self-employed agents must provide for themselves. When traveling for personal reasons, agents usually get reduced rates for transportation and accommodations. In addition, agents sometimes take “familiarization” trips, at lower cost or no cost to themselves, to learn about various vacation sites. These benefits often attract people to this occupation. Earnings of travel agents who own their agencies depend mainly on commissions and service fees they charge clients for trip planning. Often it takes time to acquire clients, so it is not unusual for new self-employed agents to have low earnings. Established agents may have lower earnings during economic downturns.

3 Education/Training In order to become a travel agent one must have, at least, a high school diploma or the equivalent. Increasingly, because of the use of computers and technology, employers prefer job candidates who have received vocational training. Some aspiring travel agents choose to get a bachelor's degree in travel and tourism, although programs that offer this coursework are few. Some employers look for job candidates who have taken college courses in computer science, foreign languages, geography and world history.

4 What do travel agents wear?
Travel agents wear the same thing other business people wear. If it is a big city, they might wear a suit. In a resort town, they might wear a polo shirt and khaki slacks. Just wear something nice, maybe with a jacket, and you'll be fine.

5 The Schedule! The travel agency’s hours accommodate its clientele, so most agents work more than forty hours per week in a variety of shifts. Extensive travel at deep discounts is often cited as the biggest perk in this field. Many agents also spend time as tour guides in order to become familiar with not just the well-traveled areas of the world but also “off the beaten path.”

6 What kind of people like this job?
People who love customer service and travel. Becoming a travel agents is a wonderful way to share your love for adventure and new locales with other people.

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