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1 Copyright C. Grier Yartz 2005. This work is the intellectual property of the author. Permission is granted for this material to be shared for non-commercial, educational purposes, provided that this copyright statement appears on the reproduced materials and notice is given that the copying is by permission of the author. To disseminate otherwise or to republish requires written permission from the author.

2 Achieving Organizational Efficiency through Automated Workflow C. Grier Yartz Director of Sales


4 Components of EDMS Systems *Imaging *Workflow *COLD-ERM *XML & Electronic Forms *E-mail Manager *Electronic Signature *Barcoding Index * Browser-based Web Client

5 Workflow: who benefits? Administrative Information Services Admissions/Enrollment Alumni Relations Accounting Departments Campus Police Services Development Financial Aid Human Resources Medical Centers Physical Plants University Libraries …and more…

6 Benefits of Workflow Automates routine business processes Allows users to electronically mirror these processes Enables automatic routing of scanned documents, COLD reports and PC files Provides enterprise-wide electronic document distribution Enhances customer services

7 Maximizes efficiency Decreases processing time Enables instant access to information Increases staff productivity Aids in disaster recovery Facilitates regulatory compliance …more benefits

8 Technical Advantages of DocFinity Workflow Interoperability and Seamless Integration with Other Vendors’ Software and Existing Infrastructures * PeopleSoft Accounting Software * Edgewater SunGard BST * Existing Legacy Systems * In-house Developed Systems …and more…

9 Content Sharing * Within departments * Interdepartmental * Campus-wide * Between main & satellite campuses …advantages, continued…

10 Proactive Movement of Information * Flows documents to the right person at the right time * Parallel distribution means no long waiting times * Automatic flowing of information ensures that no steps are missed Application of user rights guarantees secure flowing of sensitive information …advantages, continued

11 …advantages, continued Open Architecture * Cross-platform structure ensures: * Flexibility * Reliability

12 Customer Testimonials “With respect to document handling, we’re doing more work, faster and with less staff.” The Pennsylvania State University

13 Customer Testimonials “The real benefit is being able to find a student file faster from anywhere. The document system enhances our services to students and college offices.” The Ohio State University Jeff White, University Retail Services Manager

14 Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) The DocFinity Dashboard/Statboard * Monitoring system performance * Forecasting/projecting ahead


16 The 3 Major Parts of DocFinity Workflow *The Workflow Designer (designing flows, jobs, steps, & tasks) *The Workflow Server (manages all jobs flowing through the system) *The Workflow Client/Flash Workflow Client

17 A Simple Flow Student completes XML application form on the web Paper applications are barcoded on arrival and enter the system Applications are routed to the mainframe and become entries in computer reports Supporting documentation is associated to correct applications automatically

18 A simple flow

19 Workflow query

20 A moderate flow

21 A complex flow

22 Dashboard – Monitoring System Performance

23 Statboard


25 1. Case Study: Penn State’s Office of Development & Alumni Relations The challenge: lots of paper; many repetitive manual steps; manual Checking and keying of gifts The goal: to make the labor-intensive, manual gift processing more efficient The solution: integrated OCR scanning, DocFinity workflow, and document storage to achieve maximum automation Integration: with existing legacy donor applications Benefits: quicker processing, fewer errors, faster donor communication

26 2. Case Study: Ohio State’s Medical School The challenge: managing the med school application process The goal: create an automated application process The solution: DocFinity Imaging, DocFinity Workflow, DocFinity IntraVIEWER, DocFinity HSM, DocFinity Print/Fax Server Web-based XML forms trigger downloading of forms and the automated application process Integration: 3SG and PeopleSoft accounting software Benefits: efficient handling of forms; improved customer service

27 3. Case Study: Association of American Medical Colleges The challenge: numerous incoming medical school applications and supporting documents. The goal: to manage these documents. The solution: DocFinity Imaging, DocFinity Workflow, DocFinity Barcode, DocFinity IntraVIEWER The benefits: reducing costs and storage problems; increasing services to students.

28 For more information about workflow and other Document Management or Business Process Management technologies, please contact: C. Grier Yartz Director of Sales Optical Image Technology 814.238.0038

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