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Capitalization and Punctuation

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1 Capitalization and Punctuation
By AJ Brown Capitalization and Punctuation required in written academic English Put together by AJ Brown for all to use! 

2 Punctuation in English Consists of
a period a comma , a question mark ? an exclamation mark ! a colon : a semi-colon ; quotation marks “ ” an apostrophe ‘ ellipses … a dash

3 What’s what… A period is for the end of a sentence
This sentence is short. A question mark is for the end of a question. Is this sentence short? An exclamation mark is for the end of a sentence that should be emphasized to show excitement or disbelief. My class was great!

4 When to use a comma in English
Comma examples… When to use a comma in English for an introductory phrase Last week, several students were absent. when a dependent clause is first (complex) Because I am hungry, I am eating an apple. after the first clause of a compound sentence I live in Lake Oswego, and I work in Portland. to separate items in a list Peter, Deborah, and Ian are waiting in the car. I want to see your homework, tests, and journal.

5 Capital Letter Rules in English
first word in a sentence 1st and last in a title, plus all n, adj, v, & adv the pronoun I proper nouns (names of … ) days of the week months of the year languages religions deities (gods) streets and avenues countries mountains and ranges seas and oceans rivers and lakes continents islands buildings and bridges classes and courses (w/ numbers)

6 Remember… Only capitalize general nouns if they are part of a name.
The professor is nice. I think that Professor West is nice. The river is long. We visited the Mississippi River last year. Last week, the bridge was closed. Last week, the Broadway Bridge was closed.

7 Always capitalize… The pronoun I
Names of countries or adjectives of countries Names of religions or adjectives of religions Names of gods even if it is not the name you use The days of the week and the months of a year (NOT the seasons!)

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