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Arricchimento dellOPAC per le biblioteche italiane Ian Pattenden - Bowker.

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1 Arricchimento dellOPAC per le biblioteche italiane Ian Pattenden - Bowker

2 Overview The concept of OPAC enrichment and why its important The challenge facing libraries Our solution – Syndetic Solutions Characteristics and benefits of the service Whats new Summary

3 Syndetic Solutions 17 English language data elements Information relevant to more than 4 million book titles… and growing all the time Hosted service ISBN linking Variety of integration options (HTML/XML) Weekly updates

4 ILS Partners

5 Cover Images 2.6 million

6 First Chapters & Excerpts 149,000

7 Tables of Contents 955,000

8 Summaries & Annotations 1.9 million

9 Reviews / Author Notes 750,000 / 160,000

10 Awards 69,000

11 Series 58,000

12 Profiles / Search for Similar Titles 145,000

13 Italian module Bowker has entered into an agreement with Informazioni Editoriali for the use of certain data from the Alice database via Syndetic Solutions… 156,000 cover images – immagini delle copertine 127,000 summaries - riassunti 90,000 ISBNs have both data elements Data being loaded now, module due for release May 2007

14 Italian module


16 More new content German – 300,000 cover images and summaries (Libri) Spanish – 9,000 summaries and review excerpts (Promo Latino) Swedish – coming soon (BTJ) AV data… cover images and summaries for almost 1 million video and music titles (Mid West Tape & AMG) Core English language content growing… we have added 700,000 cover images between October 2006 and February 2007!

17 German module

18 Coming soon… ICE I ndexed – C ontent – E nrichment Libraries who have a search and discovery platform (such as Aquabrowser or Primo) will be able to upgrade their Syndetic Solutions subscription to make the enrichments searchable Allows library users to find previously hidden relevant resources by letting them query our summaries/TOCs in their searches ICE is an economical alternative to enriching MARC records and involves little initial work and no ongoing maintenance… automatic ISBN linking

19 No match on Subjects Match on TOC keywords

20 Some examples… Aalborg University, Denmark : lng&file_name=find-b&F2=pc-latin&P_CON_LNG=ENG&local_base=AUBALT (e.g. Physics or Water) lng&file_name=find-b&F2=pc-latin&P_CON_LNG=ENG&local_base=AUBALT Napier University, UK : Southern Adventist University, USA : (e.g. search for "The End of Poverty" 1594200459) Philadelphia University, USA : (e.g. search for xml) Middle East Technical University, Turkey : (e.g. search for nanotechnology Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain :*spi~ (e.g. search for Feuds)*spi~ Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Italy :*ita/*ita/

21 Libera Universita di Bolzano

22 Pricing / ISBN Match Report

23 Benefits & Summary Easy to implement and no ongoing work required Relevant rich content delivered directly into your OPAC No need for users to learn a new system Improved and more inspiring online service Supports OPAC as central to research Encourages users to make best use of your collection

24 For further information Visit Email Please contact Bowker/Cenfor to receive: –Quotation –ISBN match report –Free trial access for your library

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