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“I servizi messi a disposizione dalle Biblioteche con e per l’utente” Oltre il tradizionale OPAC… Ian Pattenden.

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1 “I servizi messi a disposizione dalle Biblioteche con e per l’utente” Oltre il tradizionale OPAC… Ian Pattenden

2 Bowker Privately owned, founded 1872, ISBN Agency - USA Part of Cambridge Information Group since 2001 Offices in USA, UK, Australia, The Netherlands 225 employees Books in Print – leading bibliographic source 2004 – acquired Syndetic Solutions 2007 – acquired Medialab – creator of AquaBrowser 2009 – partnered with LibraryThing

3 Catalogue enrichment services… Professional enrichment for your catalogue… book cover images, TOCs, summaries… It’s all about the users… tags, ratings, reviews, recommendations – web 2.0 Bowker just partnered with LibraryThing in January 2009!

4 Ian Pattenden Regional Sales Manager, Bowker

5 What is it? Enriches your library's online catalogue with the power and fun of Library 2.0 Gives your patrons exciting new content, including recommendations, tag clouds, and the ability to write reviews Allows your users to participate in the catalogue without the library losing control or worrying about MARC records Draws on the collective intelligence of your users and LibraryThing members

6 LibraryThing background launched by Tim Spalding August 2005 Online service to help people catalogue their books easily – started as an “enthusiast’s hobby” and has since exploded! Personal users are free to sign-up at 35 million books catalogued / 45 million tags 600,000 users / 250,000 reviews

7 Transform your library catalogue with data from LibraryThing… Tags to accompany your subject headings.  Recommendations Offer reader's advisory on the spot. Show high-quality "recommended" or "similar" books that can be found at your library. Covers over 650,000 ISBNs. Tag browsingGive your patrons the power and flexibility of searching and browsing your books by tags. Over 43 million vetted by LibraryThing. Other editions / translations Link related editions and translations of the same work (works like FRBR). Covers over 275,000 ISBNs

8 Linking bib records together

9 Tag cloud

10 Reviews Enhancement Package User reviewsAccess hundreds of thousands of reviews and let your patrons add their own. User ratings Add our ratings and give patrons the ability to rate books. WidgetsPatrons get a first-of-its-kind library- branded "blog widget" and "At My Library" Facebook application, allowing them to show their friends what they're reading at the library they love.


12 How does it work? Can I trial? Step one: Get a price quote and set up an account Price is based on English language book title count Step two: Paste the HTML Add a few lines of HTML to your catalogue template Export ISBN, title and author information in tab-delimited format or raw MARC records, and upload them on your LTFL account page. Installation generally takes about 15 minutes - 10 if you have an IT department. Step three: Test and go! You can test out LibraryThing for Libraries without your users noticing any changes. We provide support for those without skills in CSS (the way to customize how LTFL looks in your catalogue). Turn it on. (Turn it off anytime too.)

13 Want to know more? Price quotes, trials etc. contact me Ian Pattenden +44 (0)1342 310460 Further information and FAQ online at

14 Search/discovery platform… Market leading software already in use at 600 institutions worldwide AquaBrowser’s very own “social library experience” allowing users to personalise and take an active role in the catalogue

15 The basics Independent search engine and discovery platform Local dedicated server Integrates with any ILS / data source Metadata (MARC, MARCXML, ONIX, OAI) is loaded into AquaBrowser, indexed and stored in SQL database Index updated automatically every 24 hours Highly customisable Highly flexible

16 Search (traditional)

17 Search!!! Single search box Easy to use Familiar results list Relevancy ranked Help

18 Discover Context Associations Spelling variations Translations Thesaurus terms Discovery trail

19 Refine Breakdown of results allowing user to filter Format Location Author Language

20 Improve relevancy… Indexed Content Enrichment Upgrade Syndetic Solutions subscription to make the enrichments searchable within AquaBrowser Allows users to find previously hidden relevant resources by letting them query summaries/TOCs in their searches An economical alternative to enriching MARC records Involves little initial work and no ongoing maintenance… automatic ISBN linking

21 Search without ICE; 5 records returned

22 Search with ICE TOCs; 16 records returned

23 MARC record contains no reference to search terms

24 Searching the ICE TOCs made the connection

25 Live sites Authority file - University of Chicago Library: Integration with Millennium – Aston University: Integration with Aleph – Free Library of Belgium: Complete customer list:

26 Harvesting websites/metadata Option to point AquaBrowser to websites specified by library AquaBrowser easily harvests metadata from OAI servers such as CONTENTdm, DSpace, etc. Indianapolis Marion County Public Library:

27 Integrate federated search

28 The social OPAC… Allows users to contribute their own knowledge Community contributed content enriches the catalogue for the benefit of all users Worldwide connectivity Tags (LibraryThing) Reviews Lists RSS

29 The social OPAC…


31 “I servizi messi a disposizione dalle Biblioteche con e per l’utente” Oltre il tradizionale OPAC… Ian Pattenden

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