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Adaptation and Evidence for evolution. What’s the adaptation?

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1 Adaptation and Evidence for evolution

2 What’s the adaptation?

3 Changes over time in response to the environment that increase a species chance of survival. Adaptations develop in a species over time

4 Structural Thorns Claws Teeth Camouflage Mimicry

5 Other Evidence of Evolution 1.Fossil record 2.Comparative Anatomy 3.Comparative Embryology 4.Biochemistry

6 1. The Fossil Record –Older, simpler fossils precede more complex, younger fossils –Fossils show progression

7 Evolution of Modern Horse in Fossil Record

8 2. Anatomy A. Vestigial structures- no more function. Pelvis in whales, snakes Appendix in humans


10 B. Homologous structures. Structural similarity of body features. Humors, radius, ulna in forelimbs of vertebrates

11 3. Embryology. Similar developmental stages of animal embryos

12 4. Biochemistry- Molecular evidence of evolution. Comparison of DNA or AA sequence between different species –Chimpanzee & Human DNA are 99% identical –Bird & human DNA are only 60% identical –Plant and Human DNA are only 10% identical


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