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Tips for Education Majors on Choosing a Minor

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1 Tips for Education Majors on Choosing a Minor

2 What is a minor? An academic minor is a student's declared secondary field of study or specialization during their undergraduate studies.

3 Do I need a minor to graduate?
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Requirements MAJOR-MINOR CONCENTRATION Each candidate for a baccalaureate degree must present one of the following: • One standard major of at least 36 semester credits plus one minor of at least 24 semester credits, or • One comprehensive major of at least 60 semester credits (no minor required)

4 What are my choices for a minor?
MC-EA (Elementary/Middle Education-Grades 1-8) Certifiable Minors: French, German, Spanish Language Arts Learning Disabilities Library Science (grades K-12) Mathematics Social Studies TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) Theatre Arts Coaching (non-teaching)

5 EAA – Early Adolescence through Adolescence
(Secondary Education, grades 6-12) Biology Library Science (K-12) Chemistry Mathematics Coaching Physics Economics Political Science English Sociology French Spanish Geography TESOL German History Learning Disabilities Theatre Arts

6 ECA – Early Childhood through Adolescence (K-12)
Optional certifiable minors: Adaptive Physical Education (KINS majors only) French German Spanish TESOL

7 Can I choose a different minor?
A non-certifiable minor does not lead to a teaching license A non-certifiable minor may save time/money A non-certifiable minor may be less marketable Must file a petition to waive the “certifiable” minor requirement if different minor chosen

8 What is a topical minor? Designed by student with assistance from an advisor Meets students own interests or scholarly objective Needs a common theme Course from major cannot be applied to the minor Does not lead to a teaching license

9 Things to consider: What are your goals in teaching?
What subjects would you feel passionate about teaching? What are subjects in which you excel? Do you have a specific timeline to graduate?

10 What areas are in high demand for employment?
Mathematics Science (Chemistry & Physics) Special Education TESOL Spanish

11 How to declare your minor?
MCEA and Special Education – contact your advisor EAA/ECA – see home department of the minor May require an advising meeting For TESOL see an advisor in the Teacher Education Office, Centennial Hall 3102

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