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Education Department Arcadia University.

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1 Education Department Arcadia University

2 PROGRAMS I. B.A. in Education Dual Early Childhood/Elementary Education (PreK-4) and Special Education (PreK-8) Elementary/Middle Level Education 4-8 with concentrations in the following areas (pending PDE approval): Single Areas: Mathematics, Science, English/Language Arts, Social Studies Dual concentrations in either Mathematics or Science with English/Language Arts or Social Studies II. Secondary Education Major in content specialization: English, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, History, Political Science, Psychology Minor in Secondary Education: Secondary Certification in English, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, General Science, Social Studies, Social Science Education, Citizenship Education III. Art Education Major in Art and Design Minor in Art Education IV. Five Year Programs: B.A. & M.Ed. Special Education (PreK-8, 7-12, Autism Support, ABA), Literacy Education/Reading, Literacy Education/ESL/TESOL, Technology Education, Library Science, Secondary Education Environmental Education: B.A. in Conservation Biology & M.A. in Ed. in Environ. Education

3 Sequence of Coursework Freshman Year: Arcadia University curriculum requirements Introduction to Education and Fieldwork Electronic Portfolio Sophomore Year: Arcadia University curriculum requirements Content specialization coursework (Elementary/Middle) Professional education coursework Fieldwork Apply into Education Certification Program

4 Sequence of Coursework Junior Year: Arcadia University curriculum requirements Professional education coursework Content specialization coursework (Elementary/Middle) Fieldwork Senior Year: Arcadia University curriculum requirements Professional education coursework Content specialization coursework (Elementary/Middle) Fieldwork and Student Teaching 5-Year Program Students take Graduate level courses Graduate with the B.A. in Education Five-Year Program Students: Complete remaining graduate coursework in 5 th year Graduate with the M.Ed. in Education

5 Secondary Education and Art Education + Art Ed., Biology, Chemistry, General Science, Environmental Education (K-12, 5 year program), English, Mathematics, Social Studies Education, Citizenship Education, and Social Science Education + Complete the major in the content area + Apply into Education Department (same requirements as elementary education majors) + Complete at least 6 courses in Education +Online course options available + Student Teaching + Complete the PA state teacher exams.

6 Add-On Certificate Opportunities u Special Education (New Guidelines PreK-8 or Gr. 7-12) u English as a Second Language(ESL)—4 course certificate program, M.Ed. TESOL u Reading/Literacy certification-Master’s level certificate (5-6 courses and clinical experience) u Library Science u Technology Education u Secondary Education (Social Studies, Social Science Education, Citizenship Education, Mathematics, General Science, Biology, Chemistry, and English) u Middle level Education (Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, English)

7 Application to the Education Department u Students must apply at the end of the second semester of the sophomore year (State Requirements) Need an overall Arcadia GPA of 3.00 Complete 2 mathematics courses Complete 48 credits outside the major Complete 1 course in English Composition and 1 course in American Literature. Passing scores on the Praxis I Teacher Certification Tests u Transfer students classified as first semester juniors are automatically admitted as a conditional student. At the end of their first semester, an Arcadia GPA of 3.00 is required.

8 Exit Requirements for State Certificate Successfully complete course requirements Successfully complete Student Teaching Pass PRAXIS examinations: PPST, Reading, Writing and Math at end of Soph. Yr. Fundamental Subjects: Content Knowledge Test end of Jr. Year Subject Area Assessments

9 Field Experiences and Student Teaching Field Experiences All Education courses have a common supervised field placement in urban and suburban settings as early as the freshman year. Student Teaching 14 weeks in U.S. Student Teaching Abroad: 7 weeks abroad and 7 weeks in U.S. Carefully chosen student teaching sites Opportunity to select sites

10 Study Abroad Semester abroad and/or student teaching (Sr. Yr.) abroad England: Canterbury Christ Church College Goldsmiths College University of York Porlock Hall, London Ireland: Queens University Stanmillis University University of Limerick Australia: Griffith University University of Wollongong James Cook University

11 Why Arcadia University? u Strong and carefully organized field-based components in each course. Opportunities to have professional experiences outside of the classroom. Partnerships with local school districts, B 2 EST Program and Educational Outreach Program u Study Abroad and International Emphasis u Student Teaching Abroad u Five-Year B.A. + M.Ed. programs with tracks into Special Education, Environmental Education, Literacy Education (Reading Cert.), ESL, Middle and Secondary Education, Early Childhood Education, Technology Education u Undergraduate Program connected to Master’s and Doctoral Programs. Certificate programs in 21 areas, M.Ed., M.A. in Ed., and Ed.D. u Integrated curriculum: cross-curricular education classes u Close student teacher interaction (small class size) u Technology integration and E-Portfolio u Online course options for Secondary Education Majors u Kappa Delta Pi International Education Honorary Society u Major Player in Regional Initiative in Math and Science Education u PDE established the only inclusion training institute in the state of Pennsylvania at Arcadia: Arcadia Annual Inclusion Institute (AAII). u Grants awarded by PDE (over $2,500,000) for the training of teachers in special education and secondary education.

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