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MCQ on Puberty.

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1 MCQ on Puberty

2 This is the key regulator of puberty
(a) LH (b) Kisspeptin © GnRH (d) LH

3 FSH production is inhibited by
(a) Estrogn (b) GnRH © Inhibin (d) LH

4 The order of pubertal development in girls is
(a) adrenarche-pubarche-menarche (b)thelarche-menarche-pubarche © pubarche-thelarche-menarche (d) thelarche-pubarche-menarche

5 Precious puberty is girls is if breast development is before the age of ____ years
(a) 9 (b) 8 © 12 (d) 10

6 This is NOT a cause of central precocious puberty
(a) craniopharyngeoma (b) hypothyroidism © cranial irradiation (d) hydrocephalus

7 In boys with precocious puberty with prepubertal LH level, this is the investigation of choice
(a) CT scan for adrenal gland (b) MRI brain © field of vision testing (d) FSH level

8 In normal phenotyic girls with amenorrhea and normal breat development the mots likely cause is
(a) gonadal dysgenesis (b) multiple pituitary hormone deficiency © LH gene delection (d) mullerian agenesis

9 This is NOT true in cases of constituional delay of puberty
(a) is familial (b) no spontaneous puberty on followup © markedly delayed bone age (d) elevated early morning testosterone level

10 in boys wth delayed puberty testosterone injections should be started at this age (in years )
(a) 10 (b) 12 © 13 (d) 14

11 Cause of precocoius puberty with growth retardation is
(a) adrenal adenona (b) exogenous estrogen exposure © neurotuberculosis (d) hypothyroidism

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