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Class Selection for Spotswood High School’s Class of 2019.

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1 Class Selection for Spotswood High School’s Class of 2019

2 Standard Diploma = 22 credits 4 English 3 Math* 3 Science 3 Social Studies 2 PE 2 Fine Arts, Career & Technical, OR Language 1 Economics & Personal Finance 4 Electives (2 electives must be from the same area) 6 SOL’s = (2 English, 1 math, 1 science, 1 social studies, 1 student choice) *We are strongly encouraging all students to take Algebra II in order to be well-prepared for post-secondary education (BRCC, Technical Schools)

3 Don’t Forget SOL’s! Standard Diploma = 6 SOL’s 2 English-Reading & Writing 1 Math 1 Science 1 Social Studies 1 Student Choice Student Choice = any extra SOL!

4 Advanced Diploma = 26 credits 4 English 4 Math 4 Science 4 Social Studies 2 PE 3 Languages (or 2 years of 2 different languages) 1 Fine Arts or Career & Technical 1 Economics & Personal Finance 3 Electives (no sequence required) 9 SOL’s = (2 English, 2 math, 2 science, 2 social studies, 1 student choice)

5 Don’t Forget SOL’s! Advanced Diploma = 9 SOL’s 2 English-Reading & Writing 2 Math 2 Science 2 Social Studies 1 Student Choice Student Choice = any extra SOL!

6 Teacher Recommendations! We want to make sure you’re in the right class— not too hard, not too easy, but just right! Teachers have made recommendations in Powerschool for you if you are interested in or capable of an advanced level class! If you’d like to take a class that hasn’t been recommended by your current teacher, see your counselor for an override form.

7 Register online now! Here’s how: From our RCPS Homepage, under Popular Links click on the PowerSchool (Parent/Student Access) link.

8 Enter your Student Web ID and Password (we have them for you if you don’t know yours)

9 Click on the CLASS REGISTRATION link on the left-hand side of the page:

10 Click on the PENCIL for each area and choose your courses. Courses are arranged into groups to guide the process. A RED exclamation mark indicates you have not yet selected a required course. When the correct number of requests are made the red exclamation mark will turn into a green check mark. If there is already a green check mark, you may have already met this course’s requirements but may want to select another elective or alternate from this course group. It is suggested that you open each course group and review the group.

11 Recommended courses should appear at the top of the list. If not, click on the alerts column header to sort.

12 Repeat the process for all the course groups. When done, it is important to click SUBMIT to confirm and save your selections.

13 Once you click submit, you will be able to view your selections.

14 Ready to begin? We will go through each subject area TOGETHER! PLEASE DO NOT WORK AHEAD! STAY FOCUSED ON THE AREA WE ARE DISCUSSING! Remember our schedule changes to 8 periods next year, so you will be selecting a total of 8 classes!

15 Standard & Advanced Diplomas Everyone takes ENGLISH 9!

16 Read 180 Some students may be required to take a course called Developmental Reading if they do not pass their Reading 8 SOL (which we don’t know until the end of the school year). This course helps to improve students’ reading levels, which helps them be more successful in all classes!

17 MATH Math 8 Algebra I Part 1 DB – 1 st semester for 1 elective credit Algebra I Part 2 DB – 2 nd semester for 1 math credit

18 Algebra I Part I Algebra I Part II Single Blocked OR Double Blocked

19 Algebra I Geometry or Geometry Advanced

20 Standard & Advanced Diplomas Earth Science OR Earth Science Advanced

21 Standard Diploma World Studies World History I

22 Advanced Diploma World Geography World History II or Advanced

23 Health & PE (Standard and Advanced Diplomas) PE 9

24 Languages (Required for Advanced Diploma) French I Latin I Spanish I OR II Remember: 3 years of one language or 2 years of 2 different languages!

25 Economics & Personal Finance This class is a requirement, but you will take it during 10 th, 11 th or 12 th grade, NOT 9 TH GRADE!

26 Electives Think about what kind of career you plan to pursue or area of interest you have and try to take an elective in that area! Be sure to list two alternative electives! If there is a scheduling conflict, your alternatives will be used to replace the class that has the conflict.

27 Please give your parents the instruction sheet you received today and let them know they can see your classes in Powerschool. A list of the courses you sign up for will be sent home with 3 rd nine weeks report cards. No schedule change requests will be taken after June 19, 2015. QUESTIONS?


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