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Welcome to INTO UEA Bob Parsons Summer 2015.

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1 Welcome to INTO UEA Bob Parsons Summer 2015

2 Have you given us your passport/ID card to copy?
We must have this information for our records as UKBA ask us to keep copies of your visa and passport. If you have not already done this, please make sure you do it immediately.

3 Have you received your Police Registration Appointment?
Students from some countries may be required to register with the police shortly after arriving in the UK. It will say on your visa if you need to do this. If you need to register with the police, staff at the INTO Centre will make an appointment for you to do this. The appointment will take place at the INTO Centre. You must excuse yourself from your lesson and go to the Police Registration appointment. You will receive your police appointment (if you need to have one) during your course registration. You must update any changes for example a new visa; or you change accommodation Please for an appointment.

4 Biometric Residence Permit Collection
If your visa is valid for more than six months, you must collect your biometric residence permit within 10 days of arrival in the UK from the Post Office branch written in your decision letter. If you do not collect your BRP within 10 days of arrival in the UK you may be subject to a financial penalty or cancellation of your leave. We will take you to the Post Office. Please see your timetable or teacher for your collection time meeting and make sure you bring your UKVI Letter & Passport. Please see Bob if you have a further questions.

5 Have you applied for your Bank Letter?
If you are living in either INTO Building or UEA accommodation and wish to join Barclays Bank on campus, you do not need a letter from me. You just need to take your Accommodation Licence to INTO Reception and ask the staff to stamp and date it. You can then go to the bank with your Accommodation Licence and Passport to arrange an appointment to open up your bank account. If you prefer a different bank or are not living in INTO or UEA accommodation, please

6 Have you registered with the SportsPark?
When you receive your campus card, you should automatically be registered with the SportsPark. Please make sure that you never let any other person use your campus card for entry to the SportsPark, or you could be stopped from entering and using these facilities. You will be able to enter for free and have a student price (cheaper) to use the facilities.

7 Have you received your Campus Card?
The Campus Card has the following functions: Proof of registration as a student at UEA UEA Library card Access card to the UEA 24-hour IT facility in the Library Membership card for Union of UEA Students and associated benefits (e.g. discounts, voting rights) SportsPark entry and a student discount. Access card for specialist facilities where appropriate Access to INTO residential buildings

8 Have you checked your UEA Email?
   Please note! You must check your UEA address on a daily basis as this is a university regulation. You can do this from any computer anywhere in the world by going to then clicking Login in the in the UEA Webmail Secure Login box.

9 When does your visa expire?
Here at INTO we will help you to extend your visa and answer any visa questions you may have. Please two months before the expiry date of your visa, so that we can give you the best possible service. If you are planning to travel outside the UK during your holidays, please Bob for help with getting a visa.

10 Important! Please see Bob if you have not received or completed any of the above within 10 days of your arrival. Important! Please note that you must inform Bob if you change your address in Norwich or if any of your contact details change, especially the contact details of your parents and your UK address.

11 Useful Tips 1. Buy a Bus Pass - please see 2. Never share your campus card or bus pass 3. If you are receiving parcels from your home country, please make sure that the person sending the parcel informs the post office/courier that you are a student and the length of time you are studying in the UK (this information can be found in your passport on your visa) 4. If you are ever unsure or worried about anything, please contact Bob or any of the Student Services Team 6. Make sure you register with The Medical Centre if you are studying on a course that lasts more than six months. 7. Buy an ISIC card 8. Join a club or society

12 Any finally…. This presentation will be sent to your UEA address giving you the information about the things that we have discussed today. Please use this to help you complete the end of induction quiz. I wish you every success in your studies and hope you will enjoy your time in Norwich. Please let me know whenever you need my help. Bob Parsons.

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