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Human Resources _______________________________ Running One MIIS May 2009.

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1 Human Resources _______________________________ Running One MIIS May 2009

2 Human Resources Human Resources is dedicated to fostering a productive environment in which to work and learn. We have created an infrastructure for the Institute that provides standards and safeguards for employment, while we strive to create a culture that is open, affirming, receptive and supportive. Guiding Principles Students come first Our faculty and staff are our most important organizational resource Quality is ensured and improved in an atmosphere of honesty and support Be a significant and positive force in our community.

3 Monterey Jan Dahlstrom, Coordinator Kim Yanogacio, Analyst Cathy Vincent, Manager Michael Ulibarri, Manager Middlebury Drew Macan, AVP for HR & Organizational Development Cheryl Mullins, Manager, Compensation & Benefits Loretta Lee, Benefits Specialist Lisa Hoff, Benefits Specialist WHO ARE WE?

4 Integration Benefits administration support from Middlebury Campus o Cheryl Mullins, Manager of Compensation & Benefits o Loretta Lee & Lisa Hoff, Benefits Specialist Operational & Plan integration o Health & Welfare, Retirement 403(b), Misc. (Tuition, CTO) Goal - Reach benefit alignment with Middlebury where possible and at a point in which it is financially feasible, understanding that a phased in approach will be needed and working to make it as seamless to our colleagues as possible. BENEFITS

5 Integration Operational Standardization o Band/level structure o Job descriptions Shared Salary Survey Resources o CUPA-HR, EduComp, HEITS,EduComp, commissioned surveys Review of Staff Compensation Plan o Job description review o Future - market based compensation structure based on Middlebury model o On going consultation with Chris Salatino, Compensation Analyst COMPENSATION

6 Integration Banner (HR Module live on 1/1/06) o Utilization of the system to its fullest extent. Upgrades and new functionality as required to match our work practices Applicant tracking o Anticipated move to a new system with increased features to cover both Monterey & Middlebury open job positions Audit/Data Integrity Automation & Process Improvement o working together with colleagues to think outside the box for areas of improvment Reporting & Data Analysis o Hyperion reporting database - analysis done based on information Human Resources Information Systems

7 Integration Protocols (HR issues) o setting standards to reduce duplication of effort Communication methods o determining standards in ways to communicate policy changes or other issues related to employment Internal HR communications COMMUNICATIONS

8 Integration Compliance o policies, state/federal regulations; differences between institutions, e.g., grad vs undergrad, CA vs VT Performance management and evaluation process o ongoing; continued collaboration with Middlebury Policy alignment o ongoing collaboration EMPLOYEE RELATIONS

9 Integration Shared employment (e.g., faculty) Recruitment coordination o Applicant tracking system International employment o Future growth anticipated o Compliance issues o RFP by Middlebury to outside consultants includes MIIS EMPLOYMENT

10 Staff Development o HR goal is to increase future training/development opportunities o Take advantage of low cost opportunities (e.g., utilizing Middlebury resources, EdFund) o Budget constraints Coordination of Resources o Sheila Andrus, Middlebury Training Manager - conducted one training session, preparing a second. TRAINING

11 Reorganization Job description review and update Orientation for new administrators - May 19 Paperwork and processes associated with the consolidation and re-structure (e.g., status changes) WHAT IS CHANGING?

12 Integration Centralized Benefits Management Centralized Compensation Management Benefits “Parity” Alignment of Policies WHAT IS CHANGING?

13 Stronger benefits program Strategic use of compensation Culture of service and collaboration Learning organization with options for individual development 21st century best practices for MIIS and Middlebury SIGNS OF SUCCESS

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