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PROGRAM LAUNCHING Business Plan Writing ELIB 203.

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1 PROGRAM LAUNCHING Business Plan Writing ELIB 203

2 INTRODUCTION  The role of the entrepreneurs and the development of new ventures are both fundamental components at the heart of all traditional economic commentary.  Entrepreneurship industry is in the ascendant, and universities are a part of this development.  Not everyone needs to become an entrepreneur to benefit from entrepreneurship education, but all members of society need to be more entrepreneurial.

3  We believe that entrepreneurial skills, attitudes and behaviors can be learned, and that exposure to entrepreneurship education throughout an individual’s lifelong learning path.  This program has been designed to provide opportunities to nurture a spirit of entrepreneurship in students. INTRODUCTION

4 Course Description This course is about learning how to create a plan for a business with a view to understanding the challenges facing a startup venture ranging from opportunity recognition and assessment, to strategic positioning, marketing, financing, and assembling the venture team.

5 This course is based on interactive learning to develop students' communication and leadership skills. The students will work in teams working through various aspects of business planning providing as deliverable a business plan. Course Description Course Description

6 At the end of the course, the students will have an understanding of the following: Course Learning Objectives  Understand the nature and importance of Entrepreneurship  Recognize business opportunities and assessing their feasibility  Understand the importance of business plans and planning

7 Course Learning Objectives  Demonstrate how to create a business plan  Learn the importance of team and team building  Recognize the subtleties of working as part of a team in terms of decision making and assigning leadership and/ or functional roles  Learn and demonstrate leadership skills through presentations.

8 The Business Plan course shall be delivered 2 hours per week. The schedule and topic outline is as follows. (Note: This is a tentative schedule and may be subject to change).

9 WeekTopic Week 1 Course Launch - Course Overview and Course Objectives Week 2Introduction to Entrepreneurship - The Entrepreneur Week 3Entrepreneurial Opportunity Recognition Week 4The Importance of Business Planning for a Venture Week 5Marketing Strategy Week 6Product Planning Week 7Company Formation

10 WeekTopic Week 8 Financing and Funding Week 9 Selection and Outline of the Team Project Week 10 Team Project Business Plan - Marketing Strategy Week 11 Team Project Business Plan - Product Planning Week 12 Team Project Business Plan - Financing and Funding Week 13 Finalize, Complete and Submit the Team Business Plan Week 14 Team Project Presentation of the Business Plan

11 Course Resources Various sources of teaching material and interactive learning tools will be used. The students will be provided handouts for each topic as the course progresses.

12 Course Delivery  The course is designed to include lectures, in-class exercises, and assignments  Students are expected to read assigned materials and actively participate in class discussions as part of their evaluation.  Participation in the class is essential. Students are expected to come to class well prepared.

13 Course Evaluation Criteria This course is part of the English Language module ELIB 203 and represents 20% component of the total grade of the English Language module. The 20% grade for this course is distributed as follows Attendance10 % Class work / Class Participation 20 % Assignments20 % Team Project40 % Project Presentation10 % Total100%

14 Assignments  All assignments must be submitted on time.  Details of assignments will be given during the course in due time.  Students are expected to submit all required assignments BEFORE the end of last week as the final deadline.

15 Assignments  Assignments must be submitted in both soft and hard copies. Soft copies can be submitted by E-mail.  Late assignments will NOT be accepted bar justifiable exceptional circumstances  All students must take part in their team project presentation.

16 Attendance Policy  This is an interactive course with 20% marks allocated for class participation and class work. Every lecture has class work as an essential element of learning and evaluation. Attendance record will affect the student's final grade.  Any student exceeding 25% absence record will automatically receive a DN grade per the University by laws. However, given the nature of the course, any absence will affect the final grade.

17 Academic Ethics and Behavi or  Honesty and integrity are underlying foundations in the academic community. Plagiarism, cheating, or other forms of academic violations are not acceptable under any circumstance. properly.  Plagiarism is taking someone else’s intellectual work and presenting it as one’s own. All work that you present should be your own. Quoting, reviewing or citing ideas in other's works, whether hard or electronic publications, should be referenced properly.

18 Academic Ethics and Behavior  All submissions must be students' original work. A very serious notice will be taken of any plagiarism practice. Students' submissions will be scrutinized with a plagiarism software. Any submissions with more than 20% plagiarized material will be automatically rejected and a F grade will be awarded.  Cheating is consulting any materials during a test without the instructor’s permission

19 Academic Ethics and Behavior  Tough disciplinary action will be taken toward students who violate academic integrity, depending on the severity of the case.  The use of cell phones or other electronic messaging devices during classes is strictly not permitted. As a precautionary measure, students should not leave their cell phones in front of them.

20 Wish you all best of luck

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