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Distance Education Notes P.1 You should be at least half-done the course by the mid-term/half-way point.. T here are no extensions to complete a course.

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1 Distance Education Notes P.1 You should be at least half-done the course by the mid-term/half-way point.. T here are no extensions to complete a course.

2 Distance Education Notes P.2 The deadline for submission of all assignments to the your instructor is the last day of our regular classes (must be done before the exam sessions) An incomplete course will be a failing mark, even if you have made 90% on all work submitted, if the course is incomplete, the maximum mark you will receive is a failing mark of 57%.

3 Distance Education Notes P.3 Students who lag behind and/or have incomplete courses make it difficult for our school to get seats; thus, we do not allow it If you are behind, you will be required to stay in at noon or after school until you are caught up. Everyone must do the Scavenger Hunt.

4 Your mark for Work Ethic/Participation will be assigned by your Local Facilitator. You will be assessed on the following five categories: Punctuality and preparedness Being on-task Independent work ethic Care of resources Respect for others Plagiarism, copying of the words or ideas of others, will be grounds for awarding a zero on the plagiarized work. Copying from another student may result in both assignments being assigned a zero.

5 D2L Desire to Learn NBVHS (New Brunswick Virtual High School) Distance Education


7 A few things to note: All pager, chat, and discussion entries are traceable to the user. New web address: Same login as here at school. Must logon: nbss\firstname.lastname; use school password E-mail can be found at, Staff/Faculty, Mr. Swim, Student tutorials page. OR there is one on the Learning Through Technology page.

8 Complete the Distance Learning Readiness Quiz Discuss the option of enrolling in the Distance Learning program with Parents/Guardians and the School Registrar/Guidance Counselor Realize the absolute necessity of having access to a computer outside school hours Distance Learners will: Page 1 of 3

9 Review the following requirements for successful learners in on-line courses with the Registrar/Guidance Counselor before registration: View learning positively Possess good reading comprehension and good writing skills Think critically and problem-solve effectively Work and learn well independently Commit required time to manage and complete the distance learning Possess basic computer skills Distance Learners will: Page 2 of 3

10 Review, understand and follow the Department of Education's Acceptable Computer Use Policy (return signed form to homeroom teacher) Access a computer regularly outside school hours Complete and submit on-line survey(s) as requested Distance Learners will: Page 3 of 3

11 Know the skills and abilities a Distance Learner must have to be successful Meet with the Distance Learner to discuss his/her responsibilities Review with the Distance Learner the use of communication tools Liaise between students and Distance Facilitators should there be technical interruptions or procedural difficulties Local facilitators will: Page 1 of 7

12 Maintain regular contact with Distance Facilitators and the Parent/Guardian of each Distance Learner Arrange supervision for evaluations Maintain proper documentation throughout the semester and report progress and marks to the appropriate school personnel Attend PD sessions as requested Attend to all e-mail communications regularly Local facilitators will: Page 2 of 7

13 Identify and immediately report any technical problems to the Help Desk Report any communication tool problems to the Distance Facilitator Review the Acceptable Computer Use Policy with Distance Learners and maintain a file of signed copies of the policy Ensure student access to required technology during school hours Inform students of the hardware and software required for the course outside of school hours Local facilitators will: Page 3 of 7

14 Monitor each students progress in their course(s) Inform the Distance Facilitator of personal or academic issues that could impact the success of a Distance Learner Consult with the Distance Facilitator concerning strategies to encourage and motivate Distance Learners Suggest to the Distance Facilitator any improvements in course content and/or delivery that could improve effectiveness Local facilitators will: Page 4 of 7

15 Local facilitators will: Page 5 of 7 be present for the first session to help students with any technical problems, i.e. problems with e-mail address or password, problems connecting to site. ensure that students read and understand the provincial computer use policy and that a computer use agreement has been signed by both the student and their parent/guardian. provide user IDs and passwords to students. provide required course materials to students.

16 Local facilitators will: Page 6 of 7 provide technical support or act as the link between students and technical services. provide a link between students, the distance facilitator, and the school. monitor student progress and provide motivational support to students as needed to deal with issues of pacing, isolation and other barriers.

17 Local facilitators will: Page 7 of 7 supervise assignments and tests as necessary. communicate with the distance facilitator about course progress and make suggestions for improvements.

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