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2023IBA Tutorial Week 6: International Business Report Monday September 1 Tuesday September 2 Griffith Business School.

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1 2023IBA Tutorial Week 6: International Business Report Monday September 1 Tuesday September 2 Griffith Business School

2 Session Plan Any general announcements/information Mid-Semester Exam Overview International Business Report – Task Brief – Marking Criteria sheet – Rubric – Business Report Tool – Additional info about products Research: How to conduct effective research for your Business Report Info for next week (Presentations)/Questions Griffith Business School

3 Mid-Semester Exam Overview Overall results were very good. Some variation, though most of you are well-placed for later assessment tasks. General trend towards the final 10-15 questions being more challenging (a few examples on the next couple of slides) All correct answers will be posted via an announcement later this week

4 Mid-Semester Exam: Q 50 In 2012, which of the following nations had the second highest number of organisations in the ranking of the world’s top 100 companies? a. China b. Japan c. United States of America d. France

5 Mid-Semester Exam: Q 51 Which of the following is NOT one of the three principles of international trade? a. Countries benefit from international trade. b. Exchange rates are determined primarily by traded goods (volume & value). c. International trade volumes inevitably increase on an annual basis. d. International trade increases worldwide production through specialisation.

6 Mid-Semester Exam: Q 52 Which of the nations listed below demonstrates the highest export dependency (as a percentage of the country’s GDP)? a. Japan b. United Kingdom c. China d. Belgium

7 Mid-Semester Exam: Q 8 The year _____ witnessed the first decline in the volume of world merchandise trade since 1982 and the first decrease in world merchandise output since 1991. a. 1999 b. 2000 c. 2001 d. 2002

8 International Business Report (General Info) 2500 words (+/- 10%) – assignments that fall under the minimum word count won’t be additionally penalised Submission date: 03/11/2014 (Monday, Week 14) Submission time: 5pm One electronic copy should be submitted through SafeAssign – No paper submission – No submissions accepted via email Griffith Business School

9 International Business Report (Task Brief) Choice of two products Use secondary research; don’t contact companies directly 5 key elements to your assignment Structure to use SafeAssign Griffith Business School

10 International Business Report (Marking Criteria) Available alongside other key documents for the Business Report on the course site Ensure that you attach a copy to the front of your Business Report Mark allocation clearly outlined Final mark will be determined by this sheet Griffith Business School

11 International Business Report (Rubric) Written Communication Rubric – Available in the relevant folder on the course site – Three key areas Presentation Research Analysis & Synthesis Griffith Business School

12 International Business Report (Business Report Writing Tool) Can be accessed in the relevant folder on the course site. – This tool is helpful and should be used Three key areas – What is a business report? – Action Plan Three key stages (pre-writing, writing, post-writing) – Sample Report Discussion section omitted here Griffith Business School

13 International Business Report (organic baby porridge ) Task requires you to focus on the export of Australian-made organic baby porridge to China Some key issues to consider – Melamine milk scandal and its impact – Perception of organic products in China – Organic certification & distribution Consider all stages of export – Research segments in Chinese society – Consider distribution and logistics – Promotional Concept (unique selling proposition) Griffith Business School

14 International Business Report (B-Berry® blueberry products ) Focus on B-Berry exports from The Netherlands to Australia Key issues to consider – Consider how the product is consumed and used – Think about the general use and consumption of blueberries in Australia – Substitute products? Rival products? – Translation issues Again, all stages of export are important – Which segment in Australia? (research should be easily available here) – Regulatory framework within Australia; Quarantine – Available in supermarkets, health stores, or independent shops? Griffith Business School

15 Good Research – General Tips Study Smart Study Smart can be a useful resource here 3 relevant sections: 1.Finding Information 2.Referencing 3.Organising Information

16 Griffith Business School Good Research – additional tips Think flexibly when using search terms Access journal databases through the Griffith library search. Use all resources available (help available directly through the library website).help available directly through the library website Discard sources if you find yourself needing to work hard to find relevant information.

17 Griffith Business School Selecting appropriate references Use the Griffith library search function ( Locate the search bar Enter your search term (for example, “marketing pitch”) Select search Read through your results Apply the ‘refine your search’ filter – “Limit to articles from scholarly publications, including peer-review”. This should ensure that your articles are appropriate for your assignment. Consider limiting to journal articles. All selections should be linked to the choices that you have made in relation to your Ad Pitch.

18 Griffith Business School Selecting appropriate references Refine your search Ensure that this box is selected Search term is clearly stated here

19 Business Research Tool Tool is accessible Enables you to access company data – Very useful for your Business Report – Also useful for your group assignment An interactive guide for locating relevant information – Also provides you with direct links to databases Griffith Business School

20 Databases EIU Euromonitor (Passport)

21 Next Week (Week 7) Finalise your presentations – Meet in your groups to practice your presentation – Ensure that your video advert is recorded (obviously) – Perhaps test your video in your regular tutorial room before Week 8 – My student consult Week 7 lecture: STP (helpful for your Business Reports) Griffith Business School

22 Questions Any questions? Griffith Business School

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