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Low Carbon Society Initiative Professor Andrew Sentance, WBS 23 rd June 2009

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1 Low Carbon Society Initiative Professor Andrew Sentance, WBS 23 rd June 2009

2 Introduction 1.5. To set up at least three new large interdisciplinary research centres which will sit alongside the already successful centres in the University Vision 2015 Strategy 1.To make Warwick an undisputed world leader in research and scholarship

3 Outline The challenge of the Low Carbon Society Key activities to date Next steps

4 Stabilising the global climate Source: Stern Review

5 10 8 6 4 2 2050 20001950 1900 2100 2300 2200 Global CO 2 Emissions (GtC/yr)‏ CO 2 Emissions targets in context ~ 8 GtC/yr now ~ 3 GtC/yr by 2050 Stabilisation at 450 ppmv requires a 60% cut in global CO 2 emissions by 2050..and continuous reductions beyond 2050……

6 Carbon emissions per head CO 2 per capita, 2005 values Source: OECD 2050 target 2-2.5 T

7 Greenhouse gas emissions, by source Global GHG emissions in 2000 = 42GT CO 2 equivalent Source: Stern Review (2006) * Non-energy emissions

8 Three big challenges “Decarbonisation” of power sector and transport Increasing energy efficiency of industry & buildings Cutting non-energy emissions from agriculture, changes in land use & waste

9 “It is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker, that we expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own interest.” Adam Smith, Wealth of Nations, 1776

10 Building the “low carbon economy” Low Carbon Economy Economic Instruments Behavioural & Structural Change Political Frameworks Technology

11 Decarbonisation of power sector Conventional renewables Nuclear power Carbon capture and storage Bio-fuels and bio-mass Energy storage schemes

12 CO2 emissions by UK transport mode Grams per passenger km Sources: Committee on Climate Change, 2008; CfIT (2007); and author’s estimates. Note that 2050 figures are illustrative – based on 90% decarbonised electricity

13 Potential size of carbon markets Extending EU ETS to power and industrial sectors in Top 20 countries would create a market of US$90-350 bn

14 Activities (1) Support development of “Research ideas” across campus - workshops on:  Game theory in climate change mitigation  Global emissions trading  Energy trading  Role of social norms in building a low carbon society  Adoption of low carbon vehicle technologies  Current trends in photovoltaic energy systems

15 Activities (2) Steering group to co-ordinate and develop activities, including research proposals Linkages with other related centres and initiatives (eg WISER, Warwick HRI) Energy and Low Carbon Seminar series Workshops with Intellect (IT industry) ESRC Seminar Series Conference: “Challenges in the Transition to a Low Carbon Society” – 13/14 July 2009

16 Conference: “Challenges in the Transition to a Low Carbon Society” Exploring the technological, economic, social and political challenges of moving to a Low Carbon Society Key sessions – vision, energy, transport, technology, strategy/behaviour Closing panel with key regional business executives and policy-makers 13-14th July 2009, Scarman Conference Centre 25 speakers and panellists from academia, business and policy-making Places are still available- please register at:

17 Next steps Build new research partnerships across Warwick research community Develop regional links e.g. AWM, local policy makers, other Midlands Universities Establish a business “network” Agree research themes and other activities Identify key sources of funding Proposal to University in 2009H2 for carrying forward this initiative

18 Coming soon - Warwick Footprint A new environmental initiative, open to all members of the University community Website launching soon –Make a pledge –Submit your idea –Find out more about environmental research at Warwick Provides an opportunity for staff and students to do their bit to make Warwick a greener place to work and study

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