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Upward Bound Vision Quest Academic Support Groups By: John “Jeb” Beaulieu I Make It Happen!

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1 Upward Bound Vision Quest Academic Support Groups By: John “Jeb” Beaulieu I Make It Happen!

2 Support Groups Overview Support Groups Overview  Common Concerns  Goals of Group  Group Objectives  Check In: Purpose, Rules, Process  Contracting

3 Common Concerns Common Concerns  Mission: “What is this group all about?” “Does it mean there is something wrong with me?”  Safety and Trust: “Can I talk openly here?” “Will I be put down?” “Will what I say get all over school?”  Structure: “How does this group work?” “What are the rules?”  Attractiveness: “What’s in it for me?” “Why should I want to be part of this group?”  Acceptance/Inclusion “Will they like me here?” “Will I fit in?”  Expectations: “What do they want of me?” “What can I expect from the leader and others?”

4 Goals of Our Group Goals of Our Group  By participating in the UBVQ support group we will improve our academic performance by:  Completing Work  Increasing Attendance  Improving Grades

5 Group Objectives Group Objectives  Provide a non-threatening and supportive climate.  Provide a safe setting to discuss members’ school problems and concerns.  Allow members to examine behavior and consequences.  Assist members with decision-making and problem- solving.  Assist members with goal setting and contracting for change.

6 Check-in Purpose Check-in Purpose  Lets us get to know each other and feel good about being part of the group.  Give us a chance to talk.  Helps us open up in front of others.  Makes us tighter as a group.  Allows us to vent feelings or “dump garbage”.

7 Check-in Rules Check-in Rules  Respect.  Everyone has the right to their opinions.  No right or wrong answers.  Right to pass.  Everything we say here, stays here.  Confidentiality and mandatory reporting.

8 Typical Check-in Typical Check-in  What is your name?  How are you feeling today?  What did you do over the weekend? (weekend plans?)  On a scale of 1 to 10 how did you do in school last week?  How did you do on your group contract last week. What is your reward or consequence?  What did you write for your new contract?  Other?

9 Our Group Membership Our Group Membership  We are chosen for this group because of our talent, ability and college potential.  We share the same educational goals  We are the first in our families to be earning a college degree.  Detractors say that we can’t be successful in college.

10 Making it Happen in Group! Making it Happen in Group!  Making it happen for ourselves is more than wanting to, wishing, or will power.  To get what we want we must take control over our situation so that it does not control us.  We must work together to arrange events in our lives so that we make it happen!

11 Self-Discipline, Self-Management Self-Discipline, Self-Management  In college you won’t have your mom or UBVQ to remind you anymore.  Learn the skills to put you in control of your actions.  In group we strengthen ourselves and share our strength with each other.

12 UBVQ Support Group Contract UBVQ Support Group Contract Upward Bound Vision Quest Support Group Contract Name_________________________________________________________ School_________________________________ Date__________________ I,_____________________________________________________________ agree to_______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ by____________________________________________________________ If I do, I will (+) _______________________________________________ If I do not, I will (-) _____________________________________________ Signed_________________________ Witness_______________________ Verified________________________________ Date_________________ Do I have a SMART contract goal? Is it Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Reasonable, and Timely?

13 Goal-Setting (SMART) Goal-Setting (SMART)  Specific  Who, What, Where and When? (Class, Subject, Assignment)  Measurable  How many pages or questions? How much time?  Achievable  Is it too much? Maybe the job should be broken into smaller tasks.  Realistic  Is the goal something you can handle?  Timely  Can you get this task done in a week?

14 Positive Consequences Positive Consequences  Work Together on Consequences.  Involve Important People.  Important Goals Need Attractive Consequences.  Isn’t This Bribery?

15 Examples of Positive Consequences Examples of Positive Consequences  Sleep late on Saturday  Buy a new CD  Visit my cousin  Go shopping this weekend  Play video games  Call my relatives long distance  Go to a movie with my friends  Sleep over at my friends house

16 Negative Consequences Negative Consequences  Relate negative consequences to goal.  Win – Win.  Use what you got to get what you want.  The more important the goal, the more adverse the negative consequence.

17 Examples of Negative Consequences Examples of Negative Consequences  Work for 2 hours on my project Saturday morning then go to the movies.  Review for the test with my friend on Tuesday evening.  Finish my report in the library on Saturday  Go to tutoring to get help with my project.  Spend 2 hours doing homework on Monday, Wednesday & Thursday nights.  Do the dishes, dump the trash, shovel the walk, clean my room, mop the kitchen, clean the toilet.

18 Inappropriate Negative Consequences Inappropriate Negative Consequences  Jump for Joy  Get a good grade  Stay home from school one day  Ace the test  Improve my grade  Try harder next time  Feel bad  Fail the class  Get a bad grade  Fall over Usually silly things or things that will happen anyway.

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