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EDAD 660 Administrative Computing Create a QuickTime Movie.

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1 EDAD 660 Administrative Computing Create a QuickTime Movie

2 Tools to create a QuickTime Movie Apple iMovie Apple QuickTime Pro (Commercial version) You will learn how to create a QuickTime movie file with an iMovie Project. Plan to finish the whole thing with one sitting.

3 Creating a QuickTime Movie with pictures using Apple iMovie Start Apple iMovie with a new project Add Media clips (images, video, audio) to the resources panel Understand the timeline and the storyboard Test the movie on the stage Export the finished product to the QuickTime CD-ROM movie.

4 Creating a QuickTime Movie - 1 Create a title. Drag the title to the timeline. Create a transition effect. Drag the transition to the timeline. Let the sytem rander the movie. Create an effect for a highlighted frame and apply the effect.

5 Creating a QuickTime Movie - 2 Change the time duration. (Select the timeline mode. Select a particular clip. Drag toward the rabbit symbol or the turtle symbol to change the time duration.) To remove a clip, select the clip and delete it. Drag the playhead in the timeline mode to test the movie.

6 Creating a QuickTime Movie - 3 Add a music to the background. Select the audio clip button. Insert a music CD and select the sound track and drag to the timeline. To trim the sound track, place the play head to the desired location for split and choose Edit > Split Audio at Play head. Select the unwanted portion of the clip and delete it.

7 Creating a QuickTime Movie - 4 There are two sound channels. To narrate your slide, select the audio clip button from the resources panel. Speak to the hidden microphone to record your speech and drag your voice segment to one of the sound channels..

8 Creating a QuickTime Movie - 5 Adding effects and transitions will shorten the clip durations. To save the movie project, it requires plenty of disk space. You should plan on finishing your movie without saving the project. The completed (exported) movie extension and can be played on both Windows and Macintosh computers.

9 Other RelatedTools: Apple iTune Apple QuickTime Virtual Reality Tools Adobe Premiere Windows Movie Maker Ulead Media Studio Dazzle Digital Video Creator/ Movie Star

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