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Super Mario Land 2 6 Golden Coins Joel Cieslak CIS 487 Dr. Bruce Maxim.

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1 Super Mario Land 2 6 Golden Coins Joel Cieslak CIS 487 Dr. Bruce Maxim

2 Developed and Published by Nintendo Released in the US in November 1992 2-D Platformer, similar to other Mario titles Original price: $30 – Current Used price: $5 – Current New price: $200 – 5 th highest selling Gameboy game at 11 million copies Hardware Requirements: – Gameboy, GB Color, GBA, GBA SP, Super Gameboy (SNES), or Gameboy Player (GC)

3 Overview In his 2nd Gameboy adventure, Wario (in his first appearance) has taken over Mario Land and hypnotized its inhabitants into thinking that Mario is their enemy. In order to defeat Wario, the player (as Mario), must play through 6 different worlds containing both new and familiar enemies to collect the 6 golden coins. A unique boss awaits the player at the end of each world, defending a golden coin. Once all 6 golden coins are returned to the castle, the player can enter the final level and challenge Wario.

4 Interface Turn system on/off Move/duck; hold UP while jumping for a higher jump; navigate Mario in overworld Pause game Jump; hold to let Mario glide in the air if he has rabbit ears; select world in overworld Hold to run; fire bullets if Mario has fire flower; view map in overworld

5 Gameplay Similar to previous Mario titles Player travels left-to-right, stomping enemies, collecting coins, busting blocks, and getting power-ups. Power–ups: Mushroom Ability: Grow Big Fire Flower Ability: Shoot bullets Rabbit Ears Abillity: Glide in air

6 Overworld/Zones 6 Main Zones, the Castle, extra levels

7 Scoring Player can collect coins, which unlike in previous titles do not give you a 1up, but are saved to play a minigame Stomping 100 enemies gets you a starman Game keeps track of how many levels the player has beaten (32 in all). Some are hidden and must be access through secret passages in other levels

8 Artwork Big improvement in graphics compared to original Super Mario Land: Largest Gameboy game at the time of release at 4 Megabits (mostly due to graphics) Super Mario Land (1989)Super Mario Land (1992)

9 Sound & Music Music composed by Kazumi Totaka – His other credits include Mario Paint (SNES) and Animal Crossing (GC) Special Features Game contains a special save feature not previously featured in gameboy games A battery pack inside the cartridge saves the players progress automatically

10 Manual Original game included a manual Hard to get now, you’d have to buy it new Bugs/Glitches No major glitches Minor ones have been found by accident over the years, don’t really have any major consequence

11 Game Review Pros: – Great gameplay, unique worlds, enemies, and power- ups, challenging, good graphics (for gameboy) Cons: – Not many – Some secret levels are difficult to get to and require a certain scenario Better than most games in its genre because of good controls, fast gameplay (no puzzles that bog you down), and creative worlds and levels Target audience: advertised to kids, but can be played and enjoyed by anyone

12 Summary Overall strengths – Mario franchise is very strong & popular – Good music – Portable system (can play it anywhere) This is an excellent game that is definitely worth buying if you own any of the compatible portable Nintendo systems If time permits: DEMODEMO

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