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Super Baseball Simulator 1.000 Game Review by, Mark Leich.

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1 Super Baseball Simulator Game Review by, Mark Leich

2 Basics Published by Culture Brain USA, Inc. Baseball Simulation $10 used or Free (emulation) Requires a Super Nintendo Entertainment System

3 Game Overview Baseball Simulation Score points the same way a normal baseball

4 Player Interaction Control of all Baseball Players Fielding – Move all players at the same time. Ability to do a super dive or jump. Batting – Use a batters special power. Pitching – Use a pitchers set of powers.

5 Game Features Ultra-Play – allows for players to use special power Create custom teams Exhibition and Season Play Multi-Player

6 Installation Put game in game system

7 Art and Music 2d graphics generic for Super Nintendo Catchy Midi Music


9 Bugs Foul balls not correctly defined for all instances

10 The Good Simple play control Super powers make the game exciting High scoring games Action packed baseball game

11 The Bad All teams are not balanced Computer opponent is retarded

12 Similar Games Simpler to play then most serious baseball games Powers add action to the game Custom teams missing from most games

13 Audience All ages.

14 Overall Fun, Fast Paced, Simplistic baseball game. Game is not always challenging enough without a human opponent. Highly recommended Could be improved by improving balancing and adding better AI

15 Questions?

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