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Game Title: Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies Company & Author: Namco

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1 Game Title: Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies Company & Author: Namco
Basic Information Game Title: Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies Company & Author: Namco Type of Game: Flight Simulator Price: $19.99 Minimum HW Req: PS-2 Console System Actual HW Req: PS-2 Console System, Control Pad, Memory card (for saving game files)

2 Quick Overview Complete the 18 levels in the game Missions are timed
Goals range from – Destroying select targets Escorting a non-military plane safely Intercepting Missiles Providing ground support for allies

3 Story Line You are Mobius One (This is about the most you find out about your character) ISAF (good guys) Vs Erusians (bad guys) The story mode is viewed through a young boy’s eyes The boy tells his story throughout the game and about “Yellow-13”, the main enemy pilot.

4 Story Mode Screens

5 Player’s Role Most of the missions are “Seek and Destroy”
The game uses a scoring system, the more target’s you destroy the more points you earn You must acquire a certain number of points to move on to the next level Any extra points are converted to money

6 User Interface First person or Third Person Perspectives
Close up & Far view in Third Person allowed Information about your plane and weapons is displayed on the corners of the screen

7 User Interface Screens

8 Game Play & Scoring Control of Maneuvering (including special unique maneuver’s to certain aircraft) SU-27 Cobra Maneuver Missiles and Machine gun weaponry Each plane has unique missiles You score points by blowing up units and structures (airplanes, bases, etc…) Points for objects are identified by color.

9 Artwork & Sound Graphics are very nice and in 3-D
Background Scenery very nicely done Explosions very realistic Sound tracks for each of the mission are chosen well Sound effects are realistic The sound of the afterburner gives the feeling of being right in the game

10 Graphic Screens

11 Special Features Extra points earned on your missions are converted to money You may purchase new aircraft units with this money (22 aircraft possible) Additionally, you may purchase weaponry for each aircraft you own and upgrade from the standard weapons Special techniques are possible with certain aircraft that are unique

12 So what’s so good about this game
One of the best flight/combat simulators on the market provides a very entertaining experience for the user Easy interface to learn and master Graphics and Sound are exceptional The game is extremely addicting and is a good way to relieve stress and have fun

13 And what is the downfall of the game
Unfortunately, in the two-player mode the game does not allow a third-person perspective view When you fly very close to some type of background scenery (water, ground, building, etc…) the graphics can become a little blurred/distorted

14 How does it Compare It definitely holds it’s own against other similar titles and is probably tied with the best ones out there (if not better) Again the graphics & sound are very well done and make this game stand out The interface is very easy to learn and is also forgiving (some things may not be possible but the game allows for flexibility) The game is tailored too all ages

15 Strengths Weaknesses Realism User choice in how to accomplish missions
Great Inteface Exceptional graphics and sound Weaknesses Time limit (make this an option instead) No Third person perspective in two-player

16 So is the game worth the Moolah
The game currently only cost $20 Game spot gives this game a 8.8 rating So if you’re a flight/combat simulator lover Then simply put: YES, go buy the game!

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