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BACK TO SCHOOL 2011-2012 Delmar Elementary School Grade 3 Mrs. Throm/Mrs. Hall.

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1 BACK TO SCHOOL 2011-2012 Delmar Elementary School Grade 3 Mrs. Throm/Mrs. Hall

2 Math 90 Minute Blocks Mrs. Hall’s Class 8:15-9:45 Mrs. Throm’s Class 12:15- ? (Around Specials) Class consists of whole group instruction and small flexible groups.

3 Homework Monday-Thursday – Unless noted in the agenda Student receives 10 pts for completion Student receives 8 pts for 1 day late Student receives 0 pts for more than 1 day late Homework will be longer for test reviews DHP is the orange book – Daily Homework Practice – Do not tear out the pages – Homework is ALWAYS posted on my wikispace.

4 POW Problem of the Week – To increase the problem solving skills of the students. Posted on the wall in the hallway and on my wikispace. A new problem is posted every Monday unless it is a short week. What do students receive for completing? – Every Friday  2 blue tickets for Friday drawing – Every Friday for the Month  Homework Pass

5 Mrs. Throm’s Wikispace Math Homework POW Social Studies/Science HW Class News Online Math Resources

6 Social Studies/Science Social Studies first ½ of the term for every term Science last ½ of the term for every term The Social Studies grade on the mid-term will be the final grade on the report card. Homework is not given on a regular basis. – Sometimes once a week

7 Grading Math/Science/Social Studies 50% Tests 40% Classwork 10% Homework Starting in 3 rd grade, parents can have access to their child’s grades online. See the office if you would like access.

8 Reading Homework Monday – Thursday – READ 20 minutes straight – build stamina – Write Title, page started and ended on in Agenda – Same book read in school, should go home for homework, and then back to school until finished. No skipping around, please. – Currently working in Listening to Our Inner Voice when we read and THINKING!

9 Reading / Language Class Mrs. Throm’s Class : 8:15 – 10:30 Mrs. Hall’s Class: 10:30 – 11:15 & 12:15 – 2:45 with specials in between Whole group instruction and flexible grouping Working on following directions, working independently and respectfully, and building stamina.

10 Reading/Lang. Class Continued Purpose for Reading Anthology, Leveled Reader, and Self-Selected /Free Reading Book ( aka- Homework Book ) – Applying comprehension strategy – Applying comprehension skill – (ie: Cause & Effect) Use sticky-notes to track their thinking Write a response in their Journal -Starting Vocabulary this week -Language – more writing this year

11 Book Orders Mrs. Throm’s class and my homeroom were given an order form in the Friday Folders. Please turn into Mrs. Hall any orders and money by Sept. 30. Checks can be made payable to Scholastic

12 Spelling Spelling words will come home on Thursdays. (Feel free to use the weekend.) Homework Monday – Thursday. Choose 1 activity each night from menu glued to inside cover of Spelling Composition Book. 4 Activities should be complete by Thursday – test day.

13 Coming Home Nightly Agenda Reading Book Spelling Composition Book Math Homework – Folder / DHP

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