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Exploring your Knowledge in Fitness & Nutrition By: Tom Conner.

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2 Exploring your Knowledge in Fitness & Nutrition By: Tom Conner

3 Fitness & Nutrition Quiz NutritionWeight TrainingCardiovascular Exercise 50 100

4 Directions How to Play: On the previous screen, you will see a table marked with three categories. Choose any category for either 50 or 100 points. 50 questions are easy for the average person, whereas the 100 point questions can be very difficult. Back to Board

5 50- Nutrition Question: What is the most important meal of the day? Answer: Breakfast Back to Board

6 100- Nutrition Question: What is Glycemic Index? Answer: The Glycemic Index is a numerical Index that ranks carbohydrates based on their rate of glycemic response, also known as their conversion to glucose within the human body. Pure glucose is given an arbitrary rating of 100 as a reference point and all other carbohydrates are rated from 0 onwards. Any carbohydrate with a rating below 55 is considered a “low glycemic index food”, and conversely any food 70 and up is generally considered a “high glycemic food”. Back to Board

7 50- Weight Training Question: True or False? Weight training is limited to those who are seeking to increase muscle mass and strength. Answer: False- weight training has many other benefits, too many to name. Back to Board

8 100- Weight Training Question: How many pounds does an Olympic barbell weigh? Answer: 45 pounds Back to Board

9 50- Cardiovascular Exercise Question: What is the minimum amount of days that cardiovascular exercise should be performed per week? Answer: 3 days Back to Board

10 100- Cardiovascular Exercise Question: Name three machines that can be used for cardiovascular exercise? Answers: -Treadmill -Stationary Bicycle -Elliptical -Stepper -Electronic Row Machine Back to Board

11 The End *On my own, I discovered how to add a fill in color (orange) to the background of this box.

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