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Your Presentations Fall 2005 Software Engineering Computer Science and Engineering Qatar University.

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1 Your Presentations Fall 2005 Software Engineering Computer Science and Engineering Qatar University

2 Choosing your Title You will select your presentation topic/title Email me one or more titles  Preferably 3 ordered according to your preference I will email you approving the title  I may not approve the title because The topic is not much related to the course The topic has been picked up by a friend who requested the same topic before your Other?  Topics are assigned on a first-come-first-served basis I will build the presentation schedule and post it on the website

3 Deadlines Submitting your topic selection/proposals Finalizing the topics Finalizing the presentation schedule Tue, Oct 18,2005 Sun, Oct 23, 2005 Wed, Oct 26, 2005

4 Suggested Titles Sections x.4+ of chapters 4-11  Activities, managing activities, and case study Uncovered chapters in the textbook Any other SWE topic you like  You may check “Further Readings” sections of your textbook Appendix C of your textbook

5 Teams A team can share a large topic or related topics  E.g., activities and case study of sections x.4+ Max team size = 3 Each team member will have to present If you submit a team title, include subtitles and which team member will handle the subtitle

6 Presentation Time Each presentation will be allocated a 12 to 25 minutes time slot  Propose minutes with your topic You should stick to the time limit you have  Taking more time may affect your grade negatively Try to leave 2 minutes for questions at the end

7 What should you submit? A hard copy of  Presentation slides  3 multiple choice questions with answers A soft copy (by email) of the above  Must be organized as follows Folder having a name of the following format: Firstname- Lastname, e.g. Qutaibah-Malluhi An html file named index.html having hyper links to the other two files. The above is per individual and not per team? Must be submitted within 48 hours after the presentation date

8 Presentation Grading Total  10 points Peer evaluation  6/10 points Deadlines  1/10 point Slides and questions  3/10 points Note: not meeting deadlines may have extra penalties

9 Peer Evaluation You will mainly (6/10 points) be evaluated by your classmates At the end, I will drop the highest 2 and lowest 3 evaluations and then use the average Evaluation criteria  Preparation: effort, knowledge about the subject  Organization: transparencies and their quality, division of material among partners, organization of ideas, time constraints  Quality of Presentation: clarity of explaining, flow, choice of material  Questions: answering questions  Overall: overall judgment

10 Peer Evaluation Sheet

11 General Hints for a Better Presentation Have points on your transparencies not paragraphs. Do not put everything you want to say on transparencies Do not put too many points on one transparency  Remember the 7+- 2 phenomenon Explain things using your own words rather than read it from the transparencies or from a separate sheet. Prepare well, utilize other references if necessary, and rehearse your presentation.

12 General Hints for a Better Presentation (Cont.) Do not concentrate on details. Details take too much time and make you loose the audience attention. If you need to show the depth of your coverage/knowledge, utilize a single point and discuss it in depth. Be clear, precise and focused on the idea you are explaining Stick to the time allocated to you.

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