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Psych 499 A-B-C Important Information Friday Sept. 13 th, 2013.

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1 Psych 499 A-B-C Important Information Friday Sept. 13 th, 2013

2 General Remarks Psych 499 Coordinator – Dr. Wendi Adair – PAS 4046 – – Fall term office hours: Tuesdays 10:00-11:00 am Honours Thesis Awards – awarded at Convocation

3 General Remarks The Honours Thesis is a unique opportunity – apprentice in how to conduct research – individual attention Read the Handbook! ych_499/12-13Handbook.html

4 General Remarks Can be independent and/or collaborative work – with professors, graduate students Scope of the project – Think big – But reduce scope to practical dimensions Leave enough time to write your thesis

5 Supervisors Finding a supervisor – Contact faculty members the semester before you plan to start – You might have to ask several different profs – When suggesting a topic for your thesis, stay away from topics that are too narrow nor too broad – Consider how a supervisor’s sabbatical might affect you

6 Supervisors Supervision styles – Some are structured others are less so – It is up to you to establish and maintain contact with your supervisor – Be sure to manage expectations Supervisors are useful to you beyond the thesis – Letters of reference – Information about: applying for scholarships applying to graduate programs

7 Course Issues Psych 499 enrollment requires a Psych cumulative average of 82% Once you have enrolled in 499A, then contact you supervisor to confirm enrollment and begin work

8 Course Issues Psych 499 can take 2 to 5 terms – Most people take 3 terms – But 5 terms might be necessary for coop students There are three components: – 499A: literature review and focusing topic – 499B: research design, proposal, & presentation – 499C: data collection, analysis, & final write-up

9 Course Issues Registering for 499A vs. 499A&B  499A only – you will have to submit a progress report at the end of examination period  499A&B –  If you do not complete 499B even though registered for it, you MUST complete 499A report  If you DO COMPLETE 499B, then you do NOT need to hand in 499A report  TIP: book your 499B presentation slot early! At the end of 499C you will submit your final thesis

10 Course Issues Progress Report 499A – due by end of examination period – 5-10 pages – General statement about research area – A brief description of relevant literature – The research question/hypotheses – Outline of further steps – Approved by supervisor and submitted to course coordinator

11 Course Issues Research Proposal 499B (range from 5-15 pages) – Title, Abstract – Background literature – Main Question(s)/hypotheses – Methods (proposed) – Plans for data analysis – Expected next steps – References – Approved by supervisor and submitted to course coordinator 3 days prior to presentation date

12 Course Issues Oral presentation for 499B – Use PowerPoint – Explain your rationale, purpose, methods and hypotheses – Not formally graded – I will be there to ask general questions/ probe your knowledge – Before your own presentation you might want to attend one to get an idea of how it proceeds

13 Course Issues Final Report 499C – Due by the end of examination period – Title, Abstract, Introduction, Method, Results, General Discussion, References, Appendix – Submitted to Theresa Bauer – Graded by the Supervisor who comments and suggests a grade range, and thesis coordinator, who comments and assigns final grade – same grade applied retroactively to 499A/B/C

14 Conference Opportunity You might want to take part in the annual Undergraduate thesis conference! an informal forum for students in Ontario to present a summary of their Theses either orally or in poster format to a friendly and enthusiastic audience of peers and to discuss your work with others who have similar interests The conference is typically held at the end of April (abstract due in March) There is no registration fee for presenters or faculty members and lunch is provided Participants report that the event is very worthwhile and enjoyable Clearly a great way to end fourth year!

15 Capture your thesis on video! As of Fall 2012, we are asking Honours Thesis Students if they'd like to take part in a voluntary "video snapshot" of their work. – This is a great way to tell others about your thesis, and your experience at UW. Upon completion of your thesis and submission of your 499C document – arrange for someone from your supervisor's lab to take a short 1-2 minute video clip of you – Tell us a Grand Summary of What you researched, and What you found out! These video clips can be taken with a smartphone, or using our Department's video camera – videos should be emailed to Theresa Bauer ( Completing a video is optional – It is up to the student to arrange to email the video to Theresa Bauer – Please complete the video within 2 weeks of submission of your thesis. – Whether or not you choose to capture your thesis on video will in no way affect your grade in the 499 Honours thesis course. Once we have reviewed the video it to be uploaded to our Psychology Website, for general viewing by the public!

16 Where to go with questions Theresa Bauer, Psych Undergrad Assistant – Paperwork (enrolment, extensions, etc.) – Scheduling 499B presentation Wendi Adair, Thesis Coordinator – Should I be taking the thesis? – Problems with your supervisor Your thesis advisor – Research question & literature, designing your study, analyzing data, writing final product

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