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CS 446 - Tutorial 7 Frid. Nov. 20 th, 2009 Final Project Presentations & Demos Tutorial.

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1 CS 446 - Tutorial 7 Frid. Nov. 20 th, 2009 Final Project Presentations & Demos Tutorial

2 2 Goals Review what is expected from your presentation Go over the content of the presentations Review the demo logistics Answer any questions you have on the deliverable

3 3 Goal of the Deliverable You are to present your implemented system. This will include demo'ing the key features of your system. The audience should learn what you have done and not done, and what is your overall architectural structure.

4 Presentation Schedule Tuesday Dec. 1, 2009  Groups 7, 6, 5 & 4 Thursday Dec. 3, 2009  Groups 3, 2 & 1 4

5 5 Presentation Content We expect your presentation to cover the following areas  What is your project about?  What was the architecture & design of your system?  What is interesting about your project?  Show us what is working?  Optional: Suggestions to improve project/course for next offering

6 6 What Did You Do? Focus on these elements of your project  Architecture  Design  Implementation  Testing We should have a clear understanding of the methodology you used in these areas

7 7 Why Did You Do It that Way? Provide a quick explanation/justification of the choice of your architecture, design, choice of features etc.  What are the advantages of doing things the way you did them.

8 8 What is Interesting About Your Project? Pick a few interesting elements of your project and briefly explain why these are interesting Elements  Cool Architecture  Cool Design  Cool Implementation Trick  Cool way to test the project

9 9 Show Us What’s Working Give us a tour of your working system Show us the basic features of the system and how they work Also comment on anything that is did not work as you expected. Pick some main scenarios to show. Use your judgment to decide what is worth showing and what is not.

10 10 Things to Keep in Mind Present the system from a user perspective. What could the user do with this system, and how can they do it? Concentrate on the logical view of the system, but also explain some aspects of the design or architecture.

11 11 Presentation Slides You should make slides for your presentation (PowerPoint, latex, otherwise) Keep slides short and to the main points Try to keep to 1-3 minutes per slide  Avoid slide overload Data projector will be available Please email me a softcopy of your presentation slides.

12 12 Slide Organization You should organize your slides as follows  Title Slide: Project title/name & with names of presenters  Overview Slide: Give an overview of the sections of the presentation  Presentation Body: The slides for the major points of your presentation  Conclusions: List the essential points and what you accomplished in the project

13 13 Presentation Logistics Plan to speak for 20 minutes  Allocate about 10 min for the presentation & 10 min for the demo. Schedule posted course website Professor Holt and I will be asking questions during and after the presentation

14 14 General “Do” Tips Make the presentation short, clear and informative Make sure all group members participate equally in the presentation Be prepared for questions Arrive early so you can set up quickly

15 15 General “Do” Tips cont’d Don’t put too many bullets in any slide. If you include any figures/images, make sure they are clear and make sure to explain them. Keep your slides simple and professional. Do not use distracting backgrounds.

16 16 General “Don’t” Tips Don’t exceed the the time limit (20 min)  We will cut you off Don’t come late  You won’t get extra time Don’t get too bogged down in implementation and design details in the presentation  Will eat up all your presentation time, and lose your audience

17 Suggested Organization Title slide Outline Project Overview  What is your project about?  What functionalities/features does your system offer?  Who are the users of your system? System Architecture  One slide having you architecture diagram.  Make sure it is correctly labeled, and briefly explain it. 17

18 Suggested Organization Cont’d Implementation Details  One or two slides that give an overview of your implementation  Mention the programming language you used, the technologies you used, your DBMS etc. Features Implemented  A slide about the functionalities you actually implemented.  Include any difficulties faced, if any (on another slide maybe). Testing  Briefly (one slide) explain how you tested your system. 18

19 Suggested Organization Cont’d Use cases to demo  A slide mentioning the use cases you will demo. Actual Demo (spend about 8 – 10 min on demo) Concluding slide  Summary of your system functionality.  Any concluding remarks about your experiences implementing the project.  Any concluding remarks about the project organization. 19

20 Remember.. Check the presentations schedule online.. Email me a copy of your presentation.. There is no “right” organization or setup for the presentations/demos:  Just make sure we understand what your system is about, and that the use cases you demo are clear and interesting. 20

21 21 Good Luck !!

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