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Towards the Global Markets Merja Heikela Senior Consultant, Finpro UK-Benelux.

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1 Towards the Global Markets Merja Heikela Senior Consultant, Finpro UK-Benelux

2 Operating in the New Mkt! Strategy/Business Plan - before target Mkt strategy Market Entry Target Market Strategy - Mkt knowledge -Entry Strategy Keys to Successful Market Entry Evaluate and adapt business plan Market Entry planFinal entry decisions, Develop plan

3 Strategic Considerations Our place in the value chain? Are we credible without our own presence in the market? How are our main competitors organised? Do they work with partners? Does our product require after sales support near the client? How is the market structured? How many partners do we need to cover the whole market? What is the best strategy to sell our products in this market?

4 A Partner Search Finpro’s global network has over 1000 companies as clients per annum – most of them, especially Health Care companies,do a Partner Search! A ”partner” can be e.g. Distributor/ Importer Agent System Integrator Strategic Partner etc.

5 Think it Over Once More! What assets does the partner really bring to the value chain? What are your objectives? Is this partnership the best way to achieve them? Is this a true win-win situation? Does the partner have a track record from previous alliances? Are there signs of commitment?

6 Questions the Partner Will Ask How much time and money do we need to invest? Who will pay for initial marketing efforts? How much revenue can we expect for an average deal? What will happen after the agreement is signed?

7 UK/ England, Wales, Scotland, NI Total Population: 59 800 000 Number of households: 24 852 000 Unemployment rate: 5,6% Market: 10 x Finnish Number of employees 1 - 9 10 - 99 100 - 800.000 100.000 Number of businesses

8 National Health Service (NHS) -Provides comprehensive cover to all based on need, not the ability to pay. General Practitioner (GP, Family Doctor ) -There are 36.000 GP’s in the UK -Services free of charge Private Health Care -Complements the public sector by private medical insurance -Routine surgery without long waiting times and long-term care. UK Health Care System

9 Initial contacts Premises for X persons Evaluation, negotiations Final entry decisions Develop plan LAUNCH Use of Biotechnology Medical and food application Solutions (e.g. IT) to help people to keep control of their lives; HCservices (self health management) Telemedicine Fitness, leisure, communication.. Safe environments to live and maintain independence needed. Smart Houses, security Telecare Development of Science New possibilities to use IT- technology self health management public health care funding decreases telemedicine Trends of independent living and surviving disabled and elderly live independently,smaller families Changes of the employment structure More people work from home, retire earlier Change of the age- class distribution more elderly people Changes and Trends in Health Care

10 Telecare has potential to support independent living in order to optimise health and social care resources. Growing demand for applications. OPPORTUNITIES Industrial sector activity is developing in order to meet the demands. Several companies involved in pilot projects e.g smarts houses. Self Health Management (e.g. Diabetes) Concepts and solutions needed! Corporate Wellness Many large companies/ public organisations implementing health promoting programmes, designed to deliver benefits (=productivity) of improved lifestyles.

11 UK Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industry The largest single research base in the UK. Largely independent of government funding. A third of Europe’s Biotech companies in the UK. Possibilities for strategic partnerships with “big Global players” and early development/pre-clinical applications / companies

12 UK Venture Capital Market The UK is one of the world’s largest financial markets. The largest Venture Capital industry in Europe, accounting for nearly 50% of total annual European VC investment. Second to the USA in world importance. Several VC houses specialise in Health Care and IT Applications. Opportunity for a Finnish company to find an investor !

13 Venture Capital Investment Criteria Leadership potential of management team Recognized industry expertise in team Competitive position Marketing/ sales capabilities of team Ability to cash out Degree of product-market understanding Expected rate of return Time to break even Huge size and complexity of the UK venture capital industry -> critical to the Finnish company to identify and analyse the most suitable investors in a systematic way.

14 British Business Opinion on Finland No language problems Cultural compatibility Sophisticated distribution system Stable currency Finns are good payers Trade links and gateways with Russia

15 Market Entry Finpro UK-Benelux services are tailor made solutions to the client’s needs: The team expertise lies within: Strategic Market Entry Services Start-Ups Strengthening the Market Position

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