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Faculty of Engineering Campus Sønderborg Campus Odense Faculty of Engineering.

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1 Faculty of Engineering Campus Sønderborg Campus Odense Faculty of Engineering

2 Internationalisation – why do it? Focus areas nInternationally qualified graduates n Focus on the integration of international perspectives in engineering education at the Faculty (DSMI) n Internationalisation at home (international study environment) n Attract students and teachers from abroad n Send students and teachers abroad nMarketing and recruitment abroad in relation to full-degree students Faculty of Engineering

3 Challenges: Outbound students Strategic focus on sending more students abroad. The aim is a 10 % increase per year. Between 60 and 100 students go abroad every year on Exchange at partner universities Internships in companies abroad (the majority) Increase in no. of students seeking opportunities abroad Faculty of Engineering

4 Intercultural competence Faculty of Engineering

5 Expected student behaviour The student role: Responsible for their own learning process, this means that students are expected to… -define problems -analyze problems in a critical way -participate in class and group discussions -make decisions and find arguments for that decision -structure work and time -Respect other people’s opinions and time Faculty of Engineering

6 Development of courses of exchange students Aim -All (most) courses with a mix of degree and exchange students What will this mean -Better integration of internationalisation at the Faculty -Increased benefit for Danish students -Increased benefit for international students Requirements -Very good English language skills -Very good academic skills -Serious attitude towards studies Necessary if we force the degree students to work in groups with exchange students. Faculty of Engineering



9 International Study environment around 500 students from around the world Exchange students – Spring 2009 Faculty of Engineering

10 What do we offer ? n Socrates/Erasmus Exchange n Courses at bachelor’s level n Courses at master’s level n Degree Programmes n Bachelor’s level starting from 1 st semester n Bachelor’s level starting from 5 th semester n Master’s level Faculty of Engineering

11 Exchange programmes n Innovative real life projects n Working in project teams n Excellent study facilities n Inspiring study environment At the Faculty of Engineering courses offered to exchange students are structured in Recommended Study Paths which include: Faculty of Engineering

12 Recommended Study Paths 2010 Bachelor level n Chemical Engineering n Electrical Power Engineering n Environmental Engineering n Innovation and Business n Integrated Design n Manufacturing and Management n Mechanical Engineering n Mechatronics Engineering n Software Engineering n Structural Engineering n Vehicle Engineering Master level n Innovation and Business n IT Product Design n Mechatronics Engineering n Robot Systems Engineering Detailed course information at Faculty of Engineering

13 Application deadlines Spring semester: October 1 st (Non-EU citizens) / November 1 st (EU-citizens) Autumn semester: April 1 st (Non-EU citizens) / May 1 st (EU-citizens) Admission requirements All course packages: n Bachelor - students must have completed at least 2 years of relevant studies at university level. n Master – students must have completed at least 3 years of relevant studies at university level. Enrol for 30 ECTS / semester n For projects less than 30 ECTS may be accepted. Semester periods Spring: 1 February – end June Autumn: 1 September – end January Admission Faculty of Engineering

14 What the students think of the Faculty Erasmus life at the Faculty of Engineering Or 8ADM&feature=fvsr Or!/video/vid eo.php?v=56572198801&oid=56430622305 Faculty of Engineering

15 ESN organises social activities for international and Danish students in Odense. Social activities Faculty of Engineering

16 Faculty-of-Engineering-University-of-Southern-Denmark The Faculty of Engineering on Facebook Faculty of Engineering

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