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Tools and Functions R7AxwS3BnU.

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1 Tools and Functions R7AxwS3BnU

2 Screwdrivers Philips Robertson Flat head Torx Allan Different Sizes.

3 Pry bars Used in applications that require leverage to remove a part. Comes in many different sizes, angles.

4 Wrench's Why do we use different size wrenches? --Imperial example: 1/2 1/4 5/8 3/8 15/16 ---Metric example: 5mm, 10mm, 12mm, 17mm - Toyota bolts- 10mm,12,14,17,19,21 -Bmw- 10mm,11,14,16,18


6 Different types of wrench's Open end: used in tight spots Close end: better grip of bolts Combinations: combinations of both 12 point 6 points Adjustable wrench

7 Sockets Chrome and impact Short and long 12 point and 6 point 1/4, 3/8,1/2 sizes

8 Socket handles Ratchets Breaker bar Speed handle

9 Extensions Comes in different lengths, sizes and materials. Used to increase the length of a socket

10 Torque Wrench's Measure how tight a nut or bolt is Many cars nut and bolts should be tighten to a certain amount of torque specifications. - Torque specifications are expressed in Newton-metres (metric) or foot pounds

11 Files Used commonly to shape smooth metal edges. Very in sizes and coarseness.

12 Part 2 Us&feature=related Us&feature=related

13 Pliers Needle nose, have long, tapered jaws. Used for holding small parts or for reaching into tight spots.

14 Pliers Side cutters, used to cut electrical connections Wires on a vehicle

15 General Pliers Combination pliers/ General pliers Used for many kinds of application process. Jaws have both flat and curved surfaced for holding flat or round objects

16 Pliers Channel locks. Adjustable, used to grab different size bolts and nuts. Could also be used to grab objects. used to pinch and grab without affecting the distance between the handles.

17 Vice Grips/ locking pliers Intended to hold things that you can’t get a great grip on, and to provide leverage when you need it

18 Impact gun - Impact gun, can be electric or pneumatic (air) -Used to loosen and tighten bolts and nuts fast

19 Air ratchet Like a hand held ratchet, uses to loose and tighten bolts and nuts. Pneumatic (air) operated Comes in 1/4’ 3/8’ 1/2’ drive

20 Air drill and cut off wheel Used with compressed air to drill. Used just in the same manner as electric drill Die grinders used with compressed air to cut, trim metal. Can also be used to cut nuts and bolts

21 Hammers Uses are for driving nails, fitting parts, forging metal and breaking up objects. Hammers are often designed for a specific purpose, and vary widely in their shape and structure.

22 Punches/Chisels -Chisels used to cut metal by driving them with a hammer -Punches used for driving out pins, rivets, or aligning holes. -

23 Floor jacks and jack stands Used to raise vehicle up. Most common type is hydraulic jacks. Floor jacks are placed under vehicle recommended lift points to support vehicle safely off the ground.

24 Tire pressure Tire pressure gauge, used to accurately measure tire pressure. Usually unit of measure is PSI (pounds per square inch) Tire chuck, used to add air to tires.

25 Quiz

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