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Math 115b Section 1H(Spring 07)  Instructor: Kerima Ratnayaka   Phone : 626-2107  Office.

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1 Math 115b Section 1H(Spring 07)  Instructor: Kerima Ratnayaka  Email :  Phone : 626-2107  Office : MTL 124B ( Math Teaching Lab)  Office hours : Tuesdays 11-12 & 4-5, Wednesdays 3-4, Thursdays 2-3 or by appointments  Class web page:  Business Mathematics web page( Course web page):

2 Course Materials  The textbook  Math 115b files (Course web page)  A USB mass storage device or blank CD- R's or CD-RW’s,  Syllabus (Course web page) (Math 115b files-UA Bus Math II.ppt)

3 E-text  Release 1.0, 2003, Thompson and Lamoureux, MAA  Installation CD (MBD files) and Student Notebook  Texts available at the U of A bookstore  Required to bring installation CD to all class meetings

4 Class Attendance  Mandatory  Class roll will be taken Daily  YOU MUST READ THE RELEVANT LESSON BEFORE YOU COME TO CLASS  All students must come ON TIME for class and NO TALKING DURING THE LECTURE  You are responsible for all information  Provided in class  In the course files  Course web page(Common Business Math)  Class web page

5 Exams  Two midterm examinations ( 100 each)  Midterm dates (Tentative dates) Test 1 –February 21(Wednesday) Test 2 –April 23(Monday)  Missed exams(Makeup tests are given only at the discretion of the instructor) Unless there are extraordinary circumstances, a missed midterm examination or a missed final examination will result in a score of zero for that work.  Final Exam-Wednesday, May 9 from 8 pm to 10 pm(200 points)

6 Exams- Contd. . If a student earns a higher percentage on the final examination than on one of the midterms, then the student’s lowest midterm score will be replaced by the percent scored on the final examination.

7 Teams  4-5 members in each team  You need to form your own teams  If you cannot find a Team please let me know as soon as possible(via email)  Once your team is formed you need to send me an Email giving the names and emails of your team members

8 Team Contracts  Mandatory for all teams  Sample of the Team Contract is available on class web page  All teams should submit a printed copy of their Team Contracts

9 Team Projects  Two major Team projects  Each Team will have 4-5 members  Each Project is worth total of 150 points  Preliminary Report-10  Final Oral Report-60  Final written Report & Excel file-60  Project quiz(Individual)-20

10 Team Homework  Each assignment will be 10 points  Must include the signature page( If you don’t sign it you will not earn credit for the team HW)  Must be computer generated  Must be Stapled  Must include the Cover page (Front Page)  Must show all supporting work to earn full credit  If Excel work is part of the HW, you must include sample data/results/graphs  Late Assignments will not be accepted  Team Homework will be worth 100 points

11 In-Class Quizzes  Frequent pop quizzes  Quizzes may be announced or unannounced  No make-up quizzes  Quizzes will be worth 50 points  Pop quiz formula

12 Academic Integrity.  All students must abide by, all University of Arizona policies and procedures  Particularly the Code of Academic Integrity and the Student Code of Conduct.  Students found to be in violation of any of these policies will be appropriately sanctioned.  No cheating please ! The Price you will pay is too high

13 Course Grades  Mid Terms - 200  Common Final - 200  Team Projects - 300  Team Homework - 100  In Class Quizzes - 50 850 ( No Extra Credit is Permitted)

14 Important  If you earn at least 55% of the total points for individual work and at least 55% of the total points for teamwork, the following grading scale will be used.  A: 90% of total points  B: 80% of total points  C: 70% of total points  D: 60% of total points Otherwise, you will receive a failing grade for the course.

15 Important-contd. For course grade purposes,  Individual work-midterm/final/Project and pop quizzes  Teamwork-preliminary and final reports on the projects and the team homework.

16 Important-contd.  If you are dissatisfied with a grade you are welcome to discuss it with me during office hours.  Class time will not be used for this purpose.  You must make an appointment and discuss the grade within 7 academic days of receiving the relevant exam/project/quiz back from me.

17  All students must create a Turnitin user profile and to join the Turnitin class created for your section of Business Mathematics II.(You will get 5 in-class quizz points for this assignment)  All teams must submit an electronic copy of the written report to web site. If a team fails to submit the written report to web site on time there will be a penalty of 10 project points. Each Team will be required to submit 2 written reports (Proj. 1& 2)  More details will be posted on the class web page.

18 Syllabus MWF Syllabus, MWF  Menu January 10 (W): January 12 (F): January 15 (M): January 17 (W): January 19 (F): January 22 (M): January 24 (W): January 26 (F): January 29 (M): January 31 (W): February 2 (F): Introduction to Course Introduction to Project 1 (Teams Formed) Martin Luther King Day—no classes Preliminary Reports on Project 1 Graphing Functions Trend Lines Demand, Revenue, Cost, & Profit Differentiation (material continues)

19 Syllabus MWF Syllabus, MWF: page 2  Menu February 5 (M): February 7 (W): February 9 (F): February 12 (M): February 14 (W): February 16 (F): February 19 (M): February 21 (W): February 23 (F): February 26 (M): February 28 (W): March 2 (F): Differentiation Using Solver Integration Marketing Example Test 1, material through February 16 Discussion of Project 1 Reports on Project 1 (material continues)

20 Syllabus MWF Syllabus, MWF: page 3  March 5 (M): March 6 (Tu): March 7 (W): March 9 (F): March 12–16: March 19 (M): March 21 (W): March 23 (F): March 26 (M): March 28 (W): March 30 (F): Introduction to Project 2 Last day to drop the course. Distributions Spring Break—no classes Preliminary Reports on Project 2 Variance The Sample Mean Normal Distributions (material continues)  Menu

21 Syllabus MWF Syllabus, MWF: page 4  April 2 (M): April 4 (W): April 6 (F): April 9 (M): April 11 (W): April 13 (F): April 16 (M): April 18 (W): April 20 (F): April 23 (M): April 25 (W): Normal Distributions Simulating Normal Random Variables (Focus on the Project) Simulating Normal Random Variables (Focus on the Project) Hospital Administration Example Test 2, material from March 5 through April 16 Discussion of Project 2 (material continues)  Menu

22 Syllabus MWF Syllabus, MWF: page 5 University of Arizona  Menu (material ends) April 27 (F): April 30 (M): May 2 (W): May 9 (W): Reports on Project 2 Final Examination, All course material Final examinations in all sections of Math 115b will be given at a common time, Wednesday, May 9, 2007, from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. Your instructor will notify you about the location of the examination.

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