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Computer Referbishment The Demonstration. To Do… Virus Protection Schedule A Full System Scan Install Service Pack 3 Clean Up Tools Drive Formatting Install.

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1 Computer Referbishment The Demonstration

2 To Do… Virus Protection Schedule A Full System Scan Install Service Pack 3 Clean Up Tools Drive Formatting Install And Run A Firewall Create Folders Copy And Delete Diles Back-Up To CD Using Compression Software

3 Virus Protection I installed virus protection so that I can scan the computer on a regular basis to search for potentially dangerous files. The Virus Scanner works by scanning every single file that are on my computer and checks it’s algorithms (What it does and the way it does it) with an international database that is free to update.

4 Schedule A Full System Scan  To schedule a full disk scan, I need go into the Shedule A Task option in the Control Panel in the Start Menu of my Operating System and configure my options there. Keeping a schedule like Disk Defragment at 10:00 AM on every Friday means that your computer will remain clean and tidy.

5 Install Service Pack 3  I installed the Windows XP Service Pack 3 so that I would have all of the latest bug fixes that Windows have released.

6 Clean Up Tools  One of the tools in the Disk Clean Up section of my computers control panel is Disk Defragment. When you use this tool, my computer defragments my hard drive or disk, and moves all of the files into one area of my disk so that it is easier to find space for future files. This therefore increases my computers performance.

7 Drive Formatting Drive Formatting is used to format some extra space on an external Drive so that I can store data onto it and be able to read and write data to it from a different computer or work station.

8 Install And Run A Firewall I installed a Firewall called Zonealarm. Zonealarm’s use is to protect my computer from unwanted and potentially dangerous software from accessing my computer and posing a threat. Zonealarm works by blocking out dangerous files accessing my computer. However, files like Word Documents etc, are scanned and if deemed safe, it will then be opened…

9 Create Folders Creating Folders can be done in many ways. One of the mostly used ways of doing this is by opening up my file explorer and right clicking to bring up the first menu, shown on the left. And then following the menu down, hovering over New, it will bring up a sub menu. Click Folder and it will create a folder, where I can rename it to suite my needs.

10 Copy And Delete Files Deleting files and folders is very easy. All I need to do is select the file or folder and press delete. Doing this moves my files into the Recycle bin. The files are compressed the file is inaccessible and then placed in a safe area, so that if I ever need to restore the file I can. I can also remove all the items from my recycle bin which will remove the files completely. Also, completely remove the whole file and any trace of the file by holding shift whilst you press delete.

11 Back-Up To CD Using Compression Software I backed up the files on the cumpter by using a an archiving program called WinRAR. WinRAR collects all the files together and then puts them all into one file so that it is easier to transfer, and unpack on a different computer for example. A lot like packing a suitcase and taking it on holiday. WinRAR also compresses the files together so that it takes up less space on my Hard Disk Drive.

12 Available Software Software Utility NameDescription Defragmen tation Disk Manageme nt utility in the Control Panel of a Windows Operating System It is the disk defragmentation that is built into Windows that is free to use and can be found on the Disk Management part of the Control Panel. It’s use is obviously to defragment the disk drive of your choice but it also runs in the background because it is built into Windows.

13 Available Software Defragmen tation DiskeeperDiskeeper is software that defragments your hard drive constantly in the background of your computer. It is said to extend your computer lifetime by up to 60% and quicker file access by 80%.

14 Available Software Disk Clean Up Windows Disk Clean Up Software When you install windows, you automatically get a piece of disk clean up software. To use the software you can go into the Disk Management area of the Control Panel and use the software from there. It will analyse you Disks and get rid of tempory internet files and general temporary files that you do not need any more to free up space on your computer and therefore making the performance better and a whole lot quicker.

15 Available Software Disk Clean Up CCleaner This software is a lot like the Windows Utility Software that you get for free with Windows, but instead, it is an application that you can get off of the Internet that works exactly the same as the windows one. The only thing it can’t do compared to the Windows Disk Clean Up, is hide away in your control panel under disk management.

16 Available Software System Profiler Sisoft SANDRA (System ANalyser, Diagnostic and Reporting Assistant) Sisoft SANDRA is software that you can find online, and after installation, logs all of the software and hardware happening and puts them into a log, a lot like an audit log, but a slightly different variation of it.

17 Available Software System Profiler Lavalys Everest (formerly AIDA32) A lot like Sisoft’s SANDRA, Lavalys Everest, is available online and is free because it is shareware, and it also does the same job, and logs all of the activity from the computer, whether it be Hardware or Software that it is logging, and records of all the application used in association with the software or hardware, what they’re called and when they were used.

18 Available Software Spyware Remover Spyware Doctor Spyware Doctor is a free piece of software or shareware that can be downloaded from the internet, online at or their website. The software searches the computer for spyware or anything that might pose a threat to your computer and delete’s them or put’s them into a vault so that they cannot be ran. The spyware removers available today do a very similar job to the anti-virus, but what they aren’t is anti-viruses. They are just add ons to the anti-virus that can search for extra things to make your computer that extra little bit safer.

19 Available Software Malware Remover Malwarebyt es Anti- Malware Malware, is short for Malicious Spyware, Adware. The idea of an Anti-Malware Application is to make sure that the Computer does not come under attack from any software that could seriously harm a computer, of which can make you have to re-format you computer because the Malware has attack the System files or the computers System 32 folder has been change/edited so that the Computer cannot boot or run any applications.

20 My Blog y/

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