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Patricia O’Brien30 June 2015 Housekeeping your PC Training Session for XP and VISTA.

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1 Patricia O’Brien30 June 2015 Housekeeping your PC Training Session for XP and VISTA

2 Patricia O’Brien30 June 2015 What are our Aims? To know how to: Improve the Security of our PCs Improve Performance of our PCs

3 Patricia O’Brien30 June 2015 First things First! Back up your important files!!! VISTA: XP: WINDOWS 7:

4 Patricia O’Brien30 June 2015 Security We will learn how to: Set up Passwords and New Users Deal with Viruses and other nasties Install Kaspersky (virus checker and firewall) Update the Operating System and Office Install Mulberry

5 Patricia O’Brien30 June 2015 Set up Safe Passwords and Add New Users What is a strong password? See: To set up or change User accounts: Click Start/Control Panel and select User Accounts Then select the required option to: Set or change passwords or create new user accounts NOTE: Only set Computer Administrator rights for users if they really need them!

6 Patricia O’Brien30 June 2015 Which Version of Windows is running? To find out which version of Windows is installed: Click on Start and choose Run (for VISTA: type run into search box) Type winver into the box that appears and click on OK A Box will appear with information about the version you are running

7 Patricia O’Brien Which Version of Office is running? To find out which version of Office is installed: Start Word In Word 2003, select the Help menu and choose About Microsoft Word In Word 2007, click the Microsoft Office Button, click Word Options, click Resources, and choose About Microsoft Word 30 June 2015

8 Patricia O’Brien30 June 2015 Install Kaspersky (virus checker and firewall) Download the application and get step by step installation instructions from: And select: Kaspersky anti-virus

9 Patricia O’Brien30 June 2015 Spyware Go to: To install Malwarebytes and SpyBot For more information go to:

10 Patricia O’Brien30 June 2015 Update the Operating System for XP Install the latest Service Pack first, Service Packs are HUGE. Instead of downloading XP sp3, you can borrow a CD from the ITS enquiries desk, or download from: Then go to: And Click on to install the latest updates Express

11 Patricia O’Brien Update the Operating System for VISTA To install Vista SP2, go to: 30 June 2015

12 Patricia O’Brien30 June 2015 Automatic updates with XP + Service Pack 2 or 3 Click Start and then click Control Panel. Double-click Security Center. You should see a window that looks like the one below:

13 Patricia O’Brien Automatic updates with Vista + Service Pack 2 Follow the instructions at: 30 June 2015

14 Patricia O’Brien30 June 2015 Extra downloads for Office Go to:

15 Patricia O’Brien30 June 2015 Install Mulberry How to access your Sussex email: Downloading the Mulberry E-Mail client

16 Patricia O’Brien30 June 2015 Time for a Break!

17 Patricia O’Brien30 June 2015 Performance We will learn how to: Delete Temporary Files Empty the Recycle Bin Use Disk Clean Up Defragment the hard disk Check the hard disk for errors Remove Unused Software Manually Delete files

18 Patricia O’Brien30 June 2015 Use Disk Clean Up for XP Click Start/programs Select Accessories/system tools, select Disk Cleanup Select the tick boxes to delete the following unused files: Temporary Internet Files Temporary Files Recycle bin Click ok Please refer to the manual for VISTA instructions

19 Patricia O’Brien30 June 2015 Delete Temporary Files To improve the performance of your computer you should regularly remove temporary files. To delete Temporary Internet Files: Start Internet Explorer Select the Tools menu, and choose Internet Options Under the General tab, click the Delete files button Use Start to find and delete other temporary files

20 Patricia O’Brien30 June 2015 Emptying the Recycle Bin Double click the Recycle Bin icon on the desktop Check the listed files are no longer required From the file menu select Empty Recycle Bin

21 Patricia O’Brien30 June 2015 Defragment the hard disk for XP Select Start/programs Select Accessories/system tools Select Disk Defragmenter Click Analyze If the hard disk requires defragmenting Select Defragment

22 Patricia O’Brien Defragment the hard disk for VISTA By default VISTA runs the defragmenter automatically on a schedule for you. So you should never have to deal with the defragmenter. To see, or modify the schedule: Select Start, then in the search box type Disk Defragmenter Double click on Disk Defragmenter in the programs window Click Continue Then follow the instructions in the window that appears 30 June 2015

23 Patricia O’Brien30 June 2015 Checking the Hard Disk for Errors Select My Computer (click Start/Computer for VISTA) Select the local disk (C:) On the file menu, click Properties Click the Tools tab Under Error-checking, click Check Now Under Check disk options, select the Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors check box.

24 Patricia O’Brien30 June 2015 Remove Unused Programs Select Start/Control Panel Select Add/Remove Programs (VISTA: Uninstall a program) Select the program you wish to remove Click the Change/Remove button (VISTA: Uninstall button) If necessary, remove files or folders manually

25 Patricia O’Brien30 June 2015 Any questions?

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