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January is Clean Up Your Computer Month! Here are some tips to make your computer run faster!

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1 January is Clean Up Your Computer Month! Here are some tips to make your computer run faster!

2 1.Defragment Your Hard Drive If you dont know how to find your defragmentation utility, search defrag. It should be your first result. With Windows XP, you must first analyze your Hard Drive (select Drive C). Then, it will tell you whether or not you should defragment. With Vista, just click defragment now.

3 2. Disk Cleanup This program can also be found by searching Disk Cleanup. WARNING: Make sure you do not delete files you may need/want later! Files you may NOT want to delete include but are not limited to Hibernation Files and Thumbnails. If you delete the Hibernation Files, your computer will not be able tohibernate unless you reinstall those files! Thumbnails are not permanently deleted, but if you erase them, you will have to wait or them to load next time you want to see those thumbnails.

4 3.Upgrade Your RAM Go to the Start Menu, RIGHT click on My Computer or Computer, and then select Properties. Vista will display your RAM next to Memory (RAM) and XP will display near the bottom right of the window X.XX GB of RAM If you have less than 1 GB of RAM for XP or less than 2 GB of RAM for Vista, you might want to consider buying some larger chips. Look up your computer make and model on to find the part number for the RAM you need. However, DO NOT BUY THE RAM FROM! You will pay too much! Instead, go to to buy your RAM. Search the part number (i.e. DDR2 PC2-6400) and choose the amount youd like. will tell you the maximum amount your computer can handle. If you dont feel comfortable installing the RAM yourself, ask a computer-savvy friend or take it to a professional. However, the RAM requires no software installation and auto-recognizes and updates when you install it, so its pretty easy to

5 4.Install and Run an Anti-Virus Program If you do not already have an active anti-virus program, (an expired subscription doesnt count) AVG is widely considered one of the best free anti-virus programs. You can also pay for an upgraded security suite from AVG or another provider like McAfee. Also, you can download Symantec from a link provided in the bottom left corner of your Student tab in URSA. There are a few important things to remember when using an anti-virus/anti- spyware/anti-adware/etc. program: * Update your definitions. This protects you from the most recent threats. * Occasionally do a Complete Scan of your system. * After scanning, dont forget to REMOVE the dangerous software! Follow the instructions in your removal program until you see a confirmation of removal.

6 5. Decrease the Number of Programs that Open Automatically on Startup Unless you instant message A LOT, change the settings of your IM programs so that they dont open on startup. This can usually be done in Properties or Options in the programs toolbar. You can do this with any program, but Instant Message programs are some of the most common startup clutter. If you dont use the programs at all, uninstall them by going to the Start Menu, then Control Panel, then Add or Remove Programs. Then, click Uninstall or Change/Remove next to the program you wish to uninstall.

7 6. Make Sure Your Computer Isnt Running Too Hot If you have a desktop, make sure it has room to breathe and get rid of heat. Make sure you dont block the fan! If you have a laptop, consider buying a cooling pad if it tends to run hot.

8 By Lee Freeman University of Northern Colorado Housing and Residence Life

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