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Advanced Auditing with Deltek wInsight Banded Reports

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1 1402 - Advanced Auditing with Deltek wInsight Banded Reports
Presented by: Mitch Mueller, Lockheed Martin Systems Integration

2  2007 Lockheed Martin Corporation
Abstract wInsight Banded Reports offer many new options that enhance advanced auditing. Learn how to create reports, such as Statistics by element VARs, status, owners and other attributes; Data integrity across wInsight units (EOC) and structures (WBS vs IPT); Automating lists; ETC Projection Stability and Validity; and Earned Value Margin of Error.  2007 Lockheed Martin Corporation

3  2007 Lockheed Martin Corporation
Agenda Lockheed Martin Systems Integration – Owego Goal: Efficient Reporting for Management by Exception Managing by Exception Report Examples Across Historical Periods Across Future Periods For the Current Element, or for all Selected Elements Across Units Performing Simple Calculations and Highlighting Performing Complex Calculations, Evaluations and Formatting Summary  2007 Lockheed Martin Corporation

4 Lockheed Martin Systems Integration - Owego
Kanata, Ontario Owego, NY Systems Integration - Owego Headquarters Havant, UK UK Integrated Systems Pax River, MD Approximately 4,000 Employees  2007 Lockheed Martin Corporation

5 Lockheed Martin Systems Integration - Owego
Ground Based Systems Land-Based IEW Systems for RF Direction Finding and Situational Awareness Tactical Wheeled Vehicles for Cargo and Personnel Transport IEW - integrated electronic warfare  2007 Lockheed Martin Corporation

6 Lockheed Martin Systems Integration - Owego
Distribution Systems Advanced Technological Solutions and Integrated Networks for Postal Authorities World Wide Automated Postal Solutions to Expedite Package Distribution Address and Character Recognition Threat Detection Integration Material Movement and Management  2007 Lockheed Martin Corporation

7 Lockheed Martin Systems Integration - Owego
of Systems Systems Integration Platform Integration Integrated Systems Family of Systems Cross Domain Integration Networked Platforms Subsystems Prime Contractor TSPR TSPI RTOC Avionics Suites Integrated Electronic Warfare Electronic Surveillance Targeting Processing  2007 Lockheed Martin Corporation

8 Business Systems Modernization
My Task: Optimize and Integrate Program Management Tools Scope: Legacy Cost Engine Earned Value Management Systems (WBS, EVM, RAM, SOW) Project Schedule Tools (IMP, Critical Path Management) Risk Management Tools (Managing the Known Risks) Risk Modeling (The Known and Unknown Risks, Correlations) and later: Resource Management / Capacity Planning Requirements Management / TPMs IMP - Integrated Management Plan / Integrated Master Plan RAM – Responsibility Assignment Matrix SOW - Scope Of Work / Statement of Work TPM - Technical Performance Measurements WBS - Work Breakdown Structure  2007 Lockheed Martin Corporation

9 Program Management Systems
Schedule Tool Cost Engine EVM System Risk Management Risk Modeling Microsoft Project Legacy Web IDE/Portal Deltek GlueViewer wInsight Admin Legacy Cost Engine REMS Risk+ Web IDE - Integrated Digital Environment REMS – Risk Management / Enhancement System Performance Analysis  2007 Lockheed Martin Corporation

10  2007 Lockheed Martin Corporation
The Goal Efficient Reporting for Management by Exception What is Management by Exception? Common Responses: But I already have Earned Value Management requirements! (EVM VARs is a Management by Exception Process) Request to print all Earned Value fields for all WBS elements. Request to copy all the values of all elements and periods to Excel  2007 Lockheed Martin Corporation

11 Management By Exception
A specific evaluation of Program reality (or a Program Forecast), compared to a Current and Stable Program Baseline (a Plan under CM). Determine What to Manage (Cost, Schedule, …) Document the Exception Condition: Title and Description Document the Exception Metrics, Criteria and Thresholds Note: Exceptions without Thresholds are just Variances Document all Actions / Management Response (The Purpose) To be useful, measurements must provide a basis for action Measurement without Management Response is only Reporting Document and Create Filters, Views, Reports with Highlighting  2007 Lockheed Martin Corporation

12 The Value of Metrics and Reports
Essentially, all models are wrong, but some are useful. George E.P. Box There are no facts, only interpretations. Frederick Nietzsche An approximate answer to the right question is worth a good deal more than the exact answer to an approximate problem. John W. Tukey The only useful function of a statistician is to make predictions, and thus to provide a basis for action. William Edwards Deming  2007 Lockheed Martin Corporation

13 Evaluate and Validate all Metrics and Forecasts
Metric Definition Documentation Metric Purpose Management Response Metric Category Performance Metrics (EVM, …) Composition or Health Metrics Process Compliance Metrics Metric Criteria and Thresholds Collection Methods and Frequency Margin of Error Display Historical Trends Use and Criteria Phase Differences Beginning, Middle, Near End Completed, In-progress, Near Term, Long Term Rejection Criteria and Thresholds Forecast Definition Documentation Forecast Purpose Management Response Forecast or Estimate Forecast Algorithms CPI Forecast CPI*SPI Forecast Monte Carlo Completion Dates Margin of Error Display Historical Trends Use and Criteria Phase Differences Beginning, Middle, Near End Completed, In-progress, Near Term, Long Term Rejection Criteria and Thresholds Forecast - to calculate or predict as a result of study and analysis of available pertinent data Projection - an estimate of future possibilities based on a current trend Estimate - estimate implies a judgment, considered or casual, that precedes or takes the place of actual measuring or counting Merriam-Webster  2007 Lockheed Martin Corporation

14 Creating wInsight Exception Reports
Starting with a report request or issue: Review the Exception Purpose and Criteria for validity Select Elements Using Exception Criteria and Thresholds Display Requested Attributes of the selected Elements Calculate and Display Requested Attributes of the selected Elements Highlight the Exception Fields (Positive/Negative, H/M/L, Trend↑↓↔) Sort to Prioritize the Exceptions (Ex: Top 10 CV, Top 10 SV, …) Document all criteria and display in the report legend when possible Note: Acquire a Programmer and/or Web Developer proficient in JavaScript  2007 Lockheed Martin Corporation

15  2007 Lockheed Martin Corporation
Report Examples The following were created for evaluation, education and/or use. Reference: Custom Reports, see Appendix C of “wInsight 63 UM.PDF” Reports to display attributes from the current element. Banded Reports, “Customizing wInsight Reports” Deltek Web #36189 Reports to display attributes of elements from the current filter. (|Meta|BeginLoop|ce|SyncSortWnd|) Reports to display attributes of elements from a query. (|Meta|BeginLoop|ce|IDSelect|SELECT Element … Warning: These reports are DB specific (Access, Oracle, SQL)  2007 Lockheed Martin Corporation

16 Report: Future Period Summary
Custom Report: Add PctSpentEAC Add Security Banner for the current element  2007 Lockheed Martin Corporation

17 Report: Future Period Summary Adding PctSpentEAC
<TR><TD CLASS=WRTD>% SPENT(EAC)</TD> <TD CLASS=WRTD ALIGN=right><SCRIPT LANGUAGE="Javascript"> document.write(pctval((|AcwpCum|(-2)|[z3]|),(|Lre|(-2)|[z3]|),"c2")); </SCRIPT></TD> document.write(pctval((|AcwpCum|(-1)|[z3]|),(|Lre|(-1)|[z3]|),"c2")); document.write(pctval((|AcwpCum|(-0)|[z3]|),(|Lre|(-0)|[z3]|),"c2")); </SCRIPT></TD></TR>  2007 Lockheed Martin Corporation document.write(pctval((|AcwpCum|(-1)|[z3]|),(|Lre|(-1)|[z3]|), c2 )); document.write(pctval((|AcwpCum|(-0)|[z3]|),(|Lre|(-0)|[z3]|), c2 ));  2007 Lockheed Martin Corporation.", "width": "800" }

18 Report: Prior Period User Narrative
Custom Report: Reporting historical fields for the current element with simple highlighting  2007 Lockheed Martin Corporation

19 Report: Future Period All Rows
Banded Report: Reporting historical fields and future fields for all selected elements  2007 Lockheed Martin Corporation

20 Report: BAC/EAC/VAC Delta between Periods
Banded Report: Calculating the difference between two periods with simple formatting  2007 Lockheed Martin Corporation

21 Report: EOC (Units) vs Total Dollars Delta
Modify existing EOC Report to highlight differences  2007 Lockheed Martin Corporation

22 Report: VAR Analysis Tiering Elements
Banded Report by Query* Selection of Tiering (Children) Elements of the Current Element  2007 Lockheed Martin Corporation

23 Report: Percent Thermometer
Complex Formatting for “graph” Complex Evaluations of SV in accounting months  2007 Lockheed Martin Corporation

24 Report: Quick Status with Schedule Variance in Accounting Months
Complex Evaluations of SV in accounting months for all selected elements  2007 Lockheed Martin Corporation

25  2007 Lockheed Martin Corporation
Report: 30/60/90 Day Outlook Evaluating Historical and Future Data and highlighting exceptions for the Current Element  2007 Lockheed Martin Corporation

26 Report: 30/60/90 Day Outlook All Rows
Evaluation of Historical and Future Data for all selected Elements  2007 Lockheed Martin Corporation

27 Report: Future BCWS and ETC Trend Audit
 2007 Lockheed Martin Corporation

28 Report: VAR Statistics and Email Distribution Lists
 2007 Lockheed Martin Corporation

29 Report: Element Start Finish Dates
Example 1 – On plan (On schedule) Example 2 – The CAM changed the purchase from a single payment, to two payments separated by over 3 months. Example 3 – Started late, projected to finish early, but significantly behind schedule!? Time to investigate. Example 4 - VAC includes ETC on completed elements, the concern is when ETCs (NOCs) extend significantly through the future and that they might grow.  2007 Lockheed Martin Corporation

30 Report: Element Start Finish Dates – SQL Query
Find the first Budget Period in the Historical data for the current element: (|Meta|BeginLoop|cd|IDSelect|Select TOP 1 Period.PeriodID FROM Period INNER JOIN Contract ON (Period.ContrId = Contract.ContrId) INNER JOIN EarnedValue ON ((Period.PeriodID = EarnedValue.PeriodID) and (EarnedValue.UnitID = un_id)) INNER JOIN Element ON ((Element.ElemID = EarnedValue.ElemID) AND (Element.StruID = st_id)) WHERE (Contract.ContrID = cc_id) AND (Element.ElemID = ce_id) AND (EarnedValue.BcwsCum > 0.05) ORDER BY Period.EndDate ASC|) The Budget Plan Started on (|Period|EndDate|#cd#|[!%b %y]|) (|Meta|EndLoop|cd|) Note: For some reports a Database/SQL Programmer is required.  2007 Lockheed Martin Corporation

31 Report: EV Margin-of-Error
 2007 Lockheed Martin Corporation

32  2007 Lockheed Martin Corporation
Summary Evaluate current reporting capabilities and efficiency Identify reporting gaps Design, create/modify Reports, Filters and Views to address the gap Follow Management by Exception guidelines Find a programmer or web developer that knows HTML and JavaScript Peer review, user review, and benchmark Iterate Share and discuss gaps and solutions with other users 1402  2007 Lockheed Martin Corporation

33 Questions

34  2007 Lockheed Martin Corporation
The End  2007 Lockheed Martin Corporation

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