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OvidSP Flexible. Innovative. Precise. Introducing OvidSP Resources.

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1 OvidSP Flexible. Innovative. Precise. Introducing OvidSP Resources

2 2 OvidSP Access

3 3 Accessing Databases@Ovid –Linking into a database with a jumpstart Ovid Medline –Opening one or more databases from the selection screen

4 4 Introducing Databases@Ovid

5 5 Main Search Page for Embase, Databases@Ovid (Basic Search)

6 6 Basic Search The purpose of Basic Search is to provide a reasonable number of highly relevant documents from the most recent part of the database (not an exhaustive search) Add related terms to include plurals and synonyms from the Ovid lexicon Offers most relevant ranked results first Can be limited (to full Text for example) Use Sorting option or year limit to select recent publications

7 7 Main Search Page for PsycInfo, Databases@Ovid (Ovid Advanced)

8 8 Mapping Entering an exact match for a term in the controlled vocabulary; the term will appear and be selected, but other similar subjects will be listed (often a prompt to use explode) Entering a synonym for a term, will direct you to the preferred term (use explode if it is a category or group of subjects) No match – Frequency based listing If term is neither a direct match nor listed as a "used for" term ("see reference or synonym) then: –Ovid looks at citation where terms occurs in title or abstract or other fields… –Algorithm counts the occurrence of subject headings tied to those citations. –The most frequently occurring subject headings are presented to the user as choices. –In a frequency based list, one choice may be appropriate, or more than one or a combination of choices, or you may need to choose to search as a keyword Cannot map term to a subject heading – check spelling, or search as a keyword if very new or rare, this is an unusual response for a large database

9 9 Other Searching Modes

10 10 Basic Search Example

11 11 Advanced Ovid Search Example

12 12 Complete Reference or Abstract

13 13 Linking within Ovid Within any Ovid database, when you subscribe to an Ovid journal, links are automatically inserted to your journal full-text Links will appear not just in citations, but also in the references and bibliographies of databases, journals and books (where available) External Full Tex links can also be inserted

14 14 Full Text Access

15 15 Print/Email/Save – Results Manager Output reference information (for a bibliography) Select Titles Select Fields Select Format –Ovid to print/email, –Direct Export for reference management software Select Action to Print/Email/Save (or export)

16 16 Introducing Journals@Ovid Accessing Journals@Ovid –Linking to full-text from a database –Opening the journals database directly Your Journals@Ovid (may be relabelled) Journals@Ovid Full-Text (may be relabelled) –Browsing… –Later we will be looking at how you may create links which take you into a journal, using Open URL syntax – a jumpstart But first, accessing Journals@Ovid...

17 17 Linking into Journals@Ovid – Jumpstarts and OpenURL Jumpstarts… –Allows you to link into Journals@Ovid from other locations OpenURL… –Allows you to use Journals@Ovid within other vendors products, Journals@Ovid can be linked into other results displays or accessed in other ways (requires administrator settings)

18 18 Database Selection Browsing Access Searching Access Linking Access

19 19 Main Search Page in Journals@Ovid (Basic Search)

20 20 Main Search Page in Journals@Ovid (Ovid Advanced)

21 21 Other Searching Modes

22 22 Basic Search Example

23 23 Advanced Ovid Search Example

24 24 Searching within Journals@Ovid Searching for other fields within Journals… –Searching subject words Author keywords, Outline headings and Title fields –Searching Caption Text The words used to describe graphical content – graphs, tables, charts, pictures –Searching Byline Text For the institutional affiliation of the author(s)

25 25 Browsing Journals@Ovid Browsing by Journal Name… – browse alphabetically and choose Issue List Browsing by Subject… – browse by preset subject (journals may fall into several categories)

26 26 Introducing Books@Ovid Accessing Books@Ovid –Searching within Books –Browsing the books Books@Ovid (only subscribed or purchased books) Jumpstarts and catalogue links

27 27 Main Search Page in Books@Ovid

28 28 Search Results in Books@Ovid

29 29 Search Results in Books@Ovid 2

30 30 Other Searching Modes

31 31 Browsing Books

32 32 Browsing Books 2

33 33 Browsing Books 3

34 34 For more information…

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