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1 International Development Research Centre S c i e n c e f o r h u m a n i t y

2 The Institution  A Crown corporation created by the Parliament of Canada in 1970  Supports Southern researchers to enable them to find practical, long-term solutions to social, economic, and environmental problems

3 IDRC’s Mandate  The IDRC Act (1970) mandates the Centre “ … to initiate, encourage, support, and conduct research into the problems of the developing regions of the world and into the means for applying and adapting scientific, technical, and other knowledge to the economic and social advancement of those regions …”

4 Our Mission Empowerment through Knowledge

5 Guiding Principles  Peoples of developing regions must be able to control their own knowledge-based development  IDRC takes its lead from Southern researchers  Development research grant-making is the core of our activities

6 Strategic Goals 2005—2010  Strengthen and help to mobilize the local research capacity of developing countries  Foster and support the production, dissemination, and application of research results that lead to changed practices, technologies, and laws that promote sustainable and equitable development and poverty reduction  Leverage additional Canadian resources for research for development

7 Objectives IDRC will contribute to:  Building a favourable environment for research and providing opportunities for Southern researchers  Supporting scientifically sound research  Influencing practices, technologies, policies, and laws  Incorporating Southern agendas into current international policy debates and development decision-making

8 Some Numbers  More than 400 staff members worldwide  More than 900 research activities are currently active

9 Some Numbers  Total 2006/07 revenues: CA$170 million, of which 86% are appropriations from the Parliament of Canada  2006/07 program allocations of more than CA$140 million  2007/08 budgeted program allocations: CA$157 million

10 IDRC Offices Ottawa Montevideo Dakar Nairobi Singapore Cairo New Delhi

11 Governance and Accountability Reports to the Canadian Parliament through the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada International Board of Governors  11 Canadians  10 non-Canadians, from developing or OECD countries

12 Governance  President: Maureen O’Neil  VP Programs Branch: Rohinton Medhora  VP Resources Branch: Denys Vermette

13 Program Foundations The foundations of IDRC’s programming:  Sustainable and equitable development  Poverty reduction  Human rights

14 The Program Areas  Environment and Natural Resource Management  Information and Communication Technologies for Development  Innovation, Policy and Science  Social and Economic Policy

15 The Program Areas Information and Communication Technologies for Development Program units  Acacia: Communities and the Information Society in Africa  Connectivity Africa  Connectivity and Equity in the Americas  Institute for Connectivity in the Americas  Pan Asia Networking 

16 The Program Areas Environment and Natural Resource Management Program units  Climate Change Adaptation in Africa  Ecosystem Approaches to Human Health  Environmental Economics  Rural Poverty and Environment  Urban Poverty and Environment

17 The Program Areas Social and Economic Policy Program units  Globalization, Growth and Poverty  Peace, Conflict and Development  Research for Health Equity  Global Health Research Initiative  Governance, Equity and Health  Research for International Tobacco Control  Think Tank Initiative  Women’s Rights and Citizenship

18 The Program Areas Innovation, Policy and Science Program units:  Innovation, Technology and Society  IDRC Challenge Fund

19 Canada in the World, The World in Canada IDRC supports  training and awards programs for Canadians and developing-country nationals  collaborative research between Canadian and Southern partners  linkages with Canadian institutions  small grants projects and activities undertaken by Canadian organizations

20 Program Features  Multidisciplinary  Flexible  Regional or global scope  Emphasis on fostering research networks  Issues-oriented  Promotes ongoing evaluation

21 Partnerships IDRC enters into partnerships with like-minded donors to  Increase resources available to Southern researchers  Ensure high-quality research for development

22 “IDRC will support technical and social innovations that contribute to the betterment of the social, economic, and environmental conditions of the poor, oppressed, and marginalized people in countries of the South.” IDRC Corporate Strategy 2005—2010

23 Contact Us International Development Research Centre Mailing address PO Box 8500 Ottawa, ON, Canada K1G 3H9 Tel.: 613-236-6163 Fax: 613-238-7230 Email:

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