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We prefer taste over nutrition. We prefer junk foods, excess tea, coffee, alcohol etc. Either we skip meal or we overeat. We live in polluted & stressed environment. Unhygienic drinking water is a cause of lots of disorders.

3 CONT. We are loading our body with lots of chemicals.
Food alone is incapable for supplying all nutrients. Due to lack of proper nutrition our body is becoming rest house of diseases. Quality of life is decreasing inspite of increasing prosperity.

4 MODERN TREATMENT Diseases are increasing with increasing no. of Doctors, Hospitals & modern treatment. Allopathy medicines treat one disorder but create another disorder in body. Modern treatment is incomplete without nutrition.

5 NATURE Nature has provided us all the assets & tools to keep us healthy.

6 NOURISH NONI Noni is an ancient plant using in overall world since ancient time. Botanical name is Morinda citrifolia. Noni is a rich source of Vitamins Minerals & antioxidants. More than 150 nutrients are found in Noni.

7 NOURISH NONI Nourish Noni works at cellular level.
Nourish Noni corrects body’s metabolic processes. Fulfills nutritional gap. Works as potent pain killer kills chronic pain effectively.

XERONINE a principle nutrient enables every cell to perform better. Kills pain by selective COX -2 inhibition. Nitric Oxide system essential for energy, vitality & healthy heart. Scopoletin System lowers blood pressure. Antioxidants System.

9 ADVANTAGES Reduces Inflammation & Allergy.
Nourishes Skin, hairs and nails. Prevents Heart diseases, Arthritis, Gout, Cancer, Diabetes. Purify blood, detoxify liver. Relieves stress, boosts immune system. Corrects digestive system.

10 KOKUM The Kokum is a popular summer fruit that grows all over the western coastal regions of southern India. Traditionally it is used in several Konkani veg & nonveg. Curry for bitterness According to a Seminar on Kokum at Goa University( March 2005), Kokum has several medicinal & cosmetic property.

11 MEDICINAL PROPERTIES Kokum is a source of several antioxidants & other nutrients as well. It is a traditional remedy against heat stroke. One major nutrient is HCA ( hydroxycitric acid) a potential anticholesterol & antiobesity agent. Kokum is a good liver, digestive & cardio protective tonic.

Nourish Noni with Kokum is a powerful combination for wellness. Health promoting properties of Noni along with added advantages of Kokum. Nourish Noni with Kokum is a rich source of antioxidants than any other food. Very efficient Liver, Digestive & Cardio protective tonic.

13 SURVEY RESULTS More than two third of 2188 people with Cancer experienced lessening of their symptoms. 90 % of people of those who drank Noni juice noticed increase energy level. 72% of overweight people lost their weight. 84% of those drank Noni juice experienced significant drop in Blood pressure. Out of 6828 people with Chronic pain experienced significant drop in Pain. 80 % of Arthritis sufferers reported lessening of Arthritic symptoms.

14 DOSES Day tea spoon(5 ml) before breakfast & 1 tea spoon before dinner. Month Tea (15 ml) spoon before breakfast, 3 Tea spoon before dinner Month ml. before breakfast 30 ml. before dinner Month7 & after- 15 ml. Before breakfast 15 ml. Before dinner

15 GUIDELINES Best time is empty stomach.
During uses of Noni drink plenty of water. Don’t skip your Dr.’s recommendation during uses of Nourish Noni. Nourish Noni improves efficacy of medicines. Nourish Noni decreases dependency on medicines gradually. For full advantages use Nourish Noni for 4-6 months.

16 Cont. Along with Noni do exercise/day for ½ hr.-1 hr.
Along with Noni avoid Fatty, Junk food, Spicy food ,Tea, Coffee, Alcohol & smoking etc. With Noni limit intake of Salt, Sugar & Oil. Consume lots of salads, fresh fruits & veg. etc.

17 CONCLUSION Millions of people are enjoying their life with Noni.
In every 3 second Noni is selling anywhere in the world. Boon of nature to mankind.


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