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Advantages and Disadvantages of the Liver Healthy Choices, Healthy Body By Talia Tambouras 2011 5/6 Breannan.

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1 Advantages and Disadvantages of the Liver Healthy Choices, Healthy Body By Talia Tambouras 2011 5/6 Breannan

2 Introduction The Human Liver is the largest solid organ in the body. The liver’s job is to filter our blood and get rid of any harmful substances in the body. There are a lot of things you can do to ensure that your liver stays healthy throughout your life. But you must be careful of what you eat and drink because one little bad substance could harm your whole body… The Liver

3 Advantages 1-5 1. After digestion the liver gets into action. It maintains all of the substances, fluids and nutrients in your body to keep it at the right level. Looking after your liver is extremely important. 2. We are very lucky to have a liver. It is an important organ that filters the body’s blood and can be potentially life threatening without it. 3. Whenever we breathe, eat or drink, if the body takes in something unknown to the blood stream the liver will process the bad toxins by disposing them through our urine. 4. FOR ALL LICORICE LOVERS, herbal liquorice has an antiviral which helps prevent the damage of toxins in the blood stream. 5. Green Tea (Camellia Sinensis) actually helps the liver function. Green Tea is full of polyphenols compounds that have stronger antioxidant effects than vitamins C and E. By drinking Green Tea, these antioxidants can protect the liver against bad toxins such as cigarette smoke and alcohol. The Liver

4 Advantages 6-10 6. Did you know that Thai spices are really good for your body? Turmeric has a component in it called curcumin which has antioxidants to prevent damage to liver cells. 7. The liver contains a liquid substance called bile. Its job is to help the liver digest fats. Sometimes when we are sick we regurgitate bile which has yucky bitter taste, but it helps our body. 8. If you stay active at school and at home and if you only eat fats and oils rarely your liver should be fine. 9. All of the glucose that your body receives from carbohydrates gets stored in your liver. This helps your liver function along with the other foods mentioned above. 10. Alcohol is bad for your body. So if you don't drink alcohol, your liver has a lower risk of getting damaged. So children’s livers should have no damage because they haven’t had exposure to alcohol and are not fully grown. Therefore, children who are active should have a healthy liver. The Liver

5 Disadvantages 1-5 1. If you do not have a healthy liver you cannot survive. It is very important that we take care of our liver because a Liver transplant is a procedure that requires a transplant from a compatible organ donor and if things don't work out it could be fatal. 2. One role that your liver plays is looking after your metabolism. If you don’t exercise and eat healthy foods, your metabolism won’t break down sugars and fats as quickly and fluently as they should. This means that all of these fats and sugars will get clogged up in your arteries and will possibly lead to a heart attack. 3. If you drink alcohol, smoke or take drugs regularly did you know that you are not just affecting your brain and heart you are also affecting your liver! In fact, alcohol cigarettes and drugs take more effect on the liver than the heart. 4. LAY OFF THE JUNK FOOD - The liver reacts when you eat something deep fried covered in oil and salt (the things that most of us love). The liver gets overworked trying to detoxify your blood so it has to stop and have a break (which can cause a malfunction). This means that more chemicals will stay in your blood stream and harm the rest of your body. 5. Even if you eat healthy and exercise, if you continue to smoke, drink alcohol and take drugs your liver will not be healthy. So you need to do all you can to protect it. The Liver

6 Disadvantages 6-10 6. An indication that you liver is not as healthy as you think can be symptoms such as headaches, loss of appetite and vomiting. 7. If your Liver gets overworked and tired by unhealthy foods and you are suffering some of the symptoms that have been mentioned earlier on, you could be at risk of liver disease. 8. Fats affect your blood but before that they are kept in your liver. Once it has processed the toxins, a little bit of the fat will stay in your liver. If you have a fatty liver it will be harder for the liver to get rid of waste. 9. Your liver is just like any other organ in the body it needs water for you to stay healthy and if you don't drink enough water your urine could become dark this means that your liver is unhealthy. 10. Just remember, your liver is your body’s protector and it needs a lot of care so when you are eating and drinking you need to make the right decision and think twice. The Liver

7 Fun Fact  All animals have a liver. Humans often indulge in animal livers such as duck, beef, chicken and turkey as a delicacy. These can be fried or produced as a dip or spread which is known as paté. It is very high in iron.  I have tried duck paté and it is not that bad! The Liver

8 Conclusion  So in conclusion, I believe a healthy body, and healthy choices equals a healthy liver.  I hope this presentation has given everyone a good understanding on how to ensure your liver stays healthy.  Thank you for watching!!! The Liver

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