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Damien Clarke SDP Managing Authority

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1 Damien Clarke SDP Managing Authority

2 Development Programme for seafood sector co-funded by Exchequer and EU €241 million investment fund Period 2014 to 2020 +

3 Common Provisions Regulation 1303/2013EMFF Regulation 508/2014 (15 May 2014)Delegated & Implementing ActsSee

4 Aug 2013 SWOT consultation Nov 2013 1 st Stakeholder workshop May 2014 2 nd stakeholder workshop 27 March 2015 Final Consultation Detailed drafting Bilateral meetings

5 1 May End consultation End May Government Approval Submission to Commission Commission Adoption

6 SWOT of Seafood SectorIdentification of Investment NeedsProgramme StrategyProposed Measures & FundingMeasurement / Evaluation

7 Develop knowledge in the seafood sector through research, technological development, NPD, training and advice Act Smart Promote the environmental, economic and social sustainability of the seafood sector and fishery and aquaculture areas Think Green Grow employment, value and output in the seafood sector Promote improvements in the competitiveness of the seafood sector Achieve Growth

8 €142.4 m Seafood Development €46.5 m Control & Enforcement €40.8 m Data Collection €10.6 m Integrated Maritime Policy €1.3 m Storage Aid

9 €44 mFisheries Sustainability €30 mSustainable Aquaculture Development €24 mBusiness Development & Innovation €10 mBord Bia Marketing €12 mFisheries Local Action Groups (FLAGs) €11 mProducer Organisations €9 mNatura 2000 & MSFD

10 Are the needs of the sector identified? Will the proposed measures address the needs? Are there gaps? Are all proposed measures good use of funds? If not, why? Is the correct balance struck in funding allocations?

11 Thank you

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