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Consultants in Maintenance Management and Maintenance Planning

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1 Consultants in Maintenance Management and Maintenance Planning

2 About Saggers Saggers Pty. Ltd was set up over seven years ago to provide valuable assistance to companies through: Provision of extra resources Set up of one off and multiple projects Ongoing support of existing operations

3 Maintenance Support Our experienced team is effective with over 50 years of combined experience in the mining industry. Implementation Development Managing maintenance systems

4 Maintenance Support Saggers provides practical help and support with their expertise in the following areas:

5 Resource Areas Maintenance Management Supply Chain Management
IT Support Training Facilitation Personal Development

6 What we do Site audits of what you have in place
Written reports on what you can do to improve Develop maintenance planning packages for your site Modify the system you already have. Improve maintenance and supply integration system so it all works together.

7 Maintenance Systems We can set up your preferred systems or suggest a maintenance planning system to suit your needs

8 Maintenance Systems Auditing
We carry out maintenance audits and analysis of current practices and systems and offer constructive and practical solutions for upgrades and improvements. These include: Preventative Maintenance Shutdown planning Work order systems Project planning

9 Put into place or upgrade of your current systems:
Maintenance Spares Put into place or upgrade of your current systems: Inventory listings Critical and insurance spares Bills of Material Shutdown Spares

10 Why we do what we do Simplify systems and reduce the workload needed to run it. Having the system produce meaningful reports to measure equipment performance. Asset management is about prolonging the life of your equipment

11 Why we do what we do Experience has shown us that some systems have a degree of complexity that is not always necessary or required. Data collection is expensive and time consuming and we work hard at simplifying systems but producing honest outcomes by way of reports that reflect the state of your business. We will endeavor to work with you with minimal disruption to your company operations in achieving mutual outcomes.

12 Targeting the following areas
Physical Infrastructure & Facilities Asset Control / Management Maintenance Strategies Human Resources Structures of the Maintenance Department Implementation of Planning Systems Maintenance / Supply / Sales Integration Training

13 Define Maintenance Resources
Identify strengths of staff resources Identify strengths of external resources Determine overall maintenance strategies Fix when fail Scheduled Conditioned based maintenance Determine how maintenance will be carried out In-house Individual contracts Broad based contracts

14 Recent Projects Osborne Mines (Queensland) AMS Project - Placer Dome
(Vancouver) Technology One (Queensland) Chatree Gold Mine (Thailand) Mareeba Shire Council (Queensland) Rio Tinto - West Angelas (Western Australia) Barrick Mining – Cowal Gold Project (New South Wales) Bluestone Tin Limited (Tasmania) Uniting Church in Australia (Queensland) Fosterville Gold Project (Victoria) Burdekin Shire Council (Queensland)

15 Perseverance Exploration, Fosterville Gold Project
Pronto Implementation Supply processes development EPBS applications Warehouse design Reagent term agreement tendering Logistics infrastructure tendering Supply operational process implementation Supply personnel training Maintenance planning establishment Bills of materials build Construction of Safe Operating Procedures Planned maintenance inventory establishment

16 Barrick Gold Lake Cowal Project
Barrick using Pronto for their CMMS. Establish equipment listing in Pronto. Develop PMs, data sheets, and PM register. Develop Standard Tasks PMs, data sheets, and register for all fixed plant items. Develop and make recommendations on all inventory requirements from commissioning to operations. Worked closely with Barrick personnel to build up a system to carry out daily maintenance activities, capturing all essential data to provide accurate reports.

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