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Pinnacle Seven Technologies - Gateway to Solutions Pinnacle Seven Technologies - Gateway to Solutions.

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1 Pinnacle Seven Technologies - Gateway to Solutions Pinnacle Seven Technologies - Gateway to Solutions


3 About Us – Pinnacle Seven Technologies At Pinnacle Seven Technologies, we base our approach on a deep understanding of business processes. This understanding allows us to anticipate tomorrow’s customer needs. We aim to provide customers with a dependable service, a commitment which is underpinned by the experience and professionalism of everyone in our team. The solutions are designed to help our customers meet the ever increasing demands in day to day life. We take the time to get to know you and your preferences so we can find the right products, at the best price. If we make a promise we deliver on it. We drive our business through a combination of outstanding research and innovative market solutions. Our strategy reflects both our customers’ needs and our expertise. Pinnacle Seven Technologies

4 ERP - About Process integration ERP systems integrate various functions of your business. Process automation Reduction of operating cost. Process standardization Helps standardize process, reduce variability and achieve higher quality levels. Process institutionalization Easiness of applying standardize on new companies. Process differentiation A firm that has the best process differentiates itself from the competition. Pinnacle Seven Technologies

5 ERP – Benefits being Open Source Open source ERP comes with no upfront license cost. The only expenses are usually the costs of implementation and product support. The cost to modify an Open Source ERP system and adapt it a company’s business processes will be lower as the source code is free.. The ERP is in your control. Pinnacle Seven Technologies

6 Process covered in ERP  Sales Management  Purchase Management  Warehouse Management  Manufacturing  Accounting Management  Project Management  Human Resource Management Pinnacle Seven Technologies

7 ERP Modules and its Features Sales and Customer Relationship Management It offers consistent and readily available customer and prospect data, allowing you to manage pre-sales activities and perform automated sales processes. Enquiry Management Phone calls and Meetings Management Quotations handling Sale Order Management Delivery Management Invoice creation from Order and Delivery Pinnacle Seven Technologies

8 Purchase Management The purchase order management module in ERP includes On-time requisition, Contract Management and Vendor Management. This module also offers access to approved supplier and purchase order management. Purchase Requisition Purchase Quotations Purchase Order Management Goods receipts Back Order Creation Invoicing from Order, Goods Receipt or Manual Pinnacle Seven Technologies

9 Production Management Manage your manufacturing and work orders. Automatic proposition of Manufacturing Orders Work Order generation based on routing. Bill of Materials integrated into the system. Material Requirement Planning Material Requirements Planning or MRP assists you in getting material on hand when needed for production or sales based on (1) when to place an order, (2) how much quantity to be ordered, (3) who should be the supplier (4) when the items to be delivered to you. Inventory Management – Issue and Return of Goods Routing – Pre-planning of Production Pinnacle Seven Technologies

10 Warehouse Management An effective WMS can reduce human errors Better space utilization. Keeping track of your stock High-level visibility of Material Transactions Lot Control and Traceability Sequences for receipt of goods. Sequences for delivery of goods. Back Order Management Invoice control based on shipments. Pinnacle Seven Technologies

11 Human Resource Management Human Resources modules enable you to manage important aspects of staff work efficiently, such as their skills, contracts, and working time. Personnel Management Recruitment Management Leaves Management Employee Expense Management Time-Sheet Tracking Employee Training Management Pinnacle Seven Technologies

12 Projects Management A project is represented by a set of tasks to be completed. Projects have a tree structure that can be divided into phases and sub-phases. This structure is very useful to organize your work. Project Creation Tasks Management Time tracking Cost Tracking Issues Tracking Pinnacle Seven Technologies

13 Accounting Management The accounting modules enable you to manage your operations clearly, following the workflow from invoicing to payment. Customer Invoicing Customer Payments Customer Refunds Supplier Invoicing Supplier Payments Supplier Refunds Sales Receipt and Supplier Vouchers Pinnacle Seven Technologies

14 Other Features  Email integration  Alerts  Dashboards  360 degree reporting  Workflow editor  Business Intelligence  E commerce Integration  VOIP Pinnacle Seven Technologies

15 Our Project Model Pre- Implementation  Pre-Sale Study  Project Kick Off Implementation  Process Study  Functional Requirements Sign Off  Development and Customization  CRP  User Training  User Testing  Migration  Live Post Implementation  Support  Service Pinnacle Seven Technologies

16 END Thank You Pinnacle Seven Technologies

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