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Saggers Pty Ltd Consultants in Supply Chain Management.

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1 Saggers Pty Ltd Consultants in Supply Chain Management

2 How Can Saggers Help Your Company? Procurement Expediting Inventory Management Warehouse Planning Maintenance Integration Finance Integration Information Technology Support

3 Site Audits To determine value propositions. To determine resource requirements. To detail current resource training requirements. To determine a Strategy to Implement your requirements. To identify strengths and challenges, gaps and opportunities, and resource capabilities for improvement.

4 Recommendations based on the Site Audit Once the audit is complete Saggers will make recommendations, these may include targeting the following areas: Physical Infrastructure & FacilitiesWarehouse Management Inventory Control / ManagementExpediting Reporting on InventoryMaintenance / Supply / Sales Integration LogisticsHuman Resources TrainingProcurement

5 Strategy Development Once the Recommendations have been approved by the appropriate management, a strategy can be developed to implement the recommendations. Saggers then assists with the implementation of approved strategies. And schedules follow up reviews to assure the strategies are sustained.

6 Inventory Management Analyze current demands and inventory levels Maintain Stock Levels to suit internal customer requirements Expediting orders to maintain reliable delivery of stock Stocktaking schedules and reviews Review bulk commodities to ensure correct levels maintained

7 Contracts Management Compilation of tender documents, bidders lists, specifications. Evaluation and recommendations of tendered prices. Assist with justifications for Capital Expenditure. Ensure supplier schedules are agreed upon by the supplier. Ensure supplier contracts are agreed upon and signed by the supplier. Supply agreements.

8 Logistics Reviews of current logistics practices. Tendering for competitive pricing. Implementing logistic procedures.

9 Warehouse Planning Warehouse planning and layouts for efficient and safe storage of all inventory. Planning for storage of dangerous goods. Review of Warehouse storage equipment.

10 Dangerous Goods Compilation of the Dangerous Goods documentation. Dangerous Goods reviews. Dangerous Goods handling training.

11 Business Processes Assist in developing business processes. Review current processes. Assisting to ensure that all current processes are functioning and documented.

12 Systems And Procedures Assistance in identification of alternate systems where required. Identification of labour saving technology. Feasibility studies and capital approval justification assistance. Compilation of operating procedures and business flow processes of new or existing systems.

13 Training Assistance in training existing personnel in: New systems Processes Procedures Ongoing assistance in training of new personnel. Scheduled follow up reviews.

14 Recent Projects Osborne Mines (Queensland) Chatree Gold Mine (Thailand) AMS Project - Placer Dome (Vancouver) Fosterville Gold Project (Victoria) Technology One (Queensland) Bluestone Tin Limited (Tasmania) Burdekin Shire Council (Queensland) Uniting Church in Australia (Queensland) Rio Tinto - West Angelas (Western Australia) Barrick Mining – Cowal Gold Project (New South Wales) Mareeba Shire Council (Queensland) Wallaby Underground Project Raleigh Underground Project Granny Smith Gold Mine Placer Dome Kalgoorlie (Western Australia) Henty Gold Mine (Tasmania

15 Supply chain operational review Value proposition identification Personnel positional improvements Process redesign and implementation Procedural definitions Key performance identifiers Reporting implementation Supply management training Granny Smith Gold Mine (WA)

16 Pronto implementation blueprint design Supply processes development Warehouse design Reagent term agreement tendering and award Logistics infrastructure tendering and award Supply operational processes implementation Supply personnel training Maintenance planning establishment Bills of materials build Construction of Safe Operating Procedures Planned maintenance inventory establishment EPBS applications Perseverance Exploration, Fosterville Gold Project (Victoria)

17 Development of Tender Documentation for construction requirements. Capital plant, equipment and services tender management Capital plant, equipment and services procurement Capital plant, equipment and services expediting Wallaby Underground Project (Western Australia)

18 Supply chain operational review Value proposition identification Process redesign and implementation Procedural definitions Key performance identifiers and reporting implementation Placer Dome Kalgoorlie (WA)

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