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Country Fact Sheet Lebanon

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1 Country Fact Sheet Lebanon

2 Human Development Index
The Human Development Index (HDI) focuses on three measurable dimensions of Human Development: Living a long and Healthy life Being educated Having a decent standard of living It combines measures of life expectancy, school enrolment,literacy and income to allow a broader view of country’s development than does income alone. HDI is constructed using data from international sources and up-to-date data from national sources

3 HDI Lebanon Rank HDI rank 2003 (177) countries GDP per capita rank (177) countries (PPP US $) rank minus (higher means better on HDR) GDP per capita value (PPP US$) HDI Value 2003 Lebanon 81 95 14 5,074 0.759 Arab States - 5,685 0.679 Best performer in Arab states (Qatar) 40 27 -13 19,844 0.849 Worst performer in Arab States(Yemen) 151 166 15 889 0.489

4 HDI Lebanon Rank Lebanon is ranked 81st in the 2005 Human Development Report Lebanon’s development rank is one step lower than its rank in 2004 (80th out of 177 countries) but has been in the medium human development rank all through 2000’s

5 Human Development Index Comparison Table
Life expectancy at birth (years 2003) Combined Primary, secondary and tertiary enrollment ratio% 2002/2003 GDP per capita (PPP US $) 2003 1. Japan(82.0) 1.UK (123) % 1. Luxembourg (62,298) 2.Hong Kong,China (81.6) 2.Australia (116)% 2. Ireland (37,738) 3. Iceland (80.7) 3. Belgium (114)% 3. Norway (37,670) 67. Bulgaria(72.2) 55.Cuba (80)% 89. Dominica (5,448) 68.Tonga(72.2) 56.Panama (79)% 90. Peru (5,260) 69. Mauritius (72.2) 57.Malta (79)% 91. Cape Verde (5,214) 70. Lebanon (72.0) 58. Lebanon (79)% 92. Lebanon (5,074) 177.Swaziland (32.5) 173. Niger (21)% 170. Sierra Leone (548)

6 Human Poverty Index The HDR 1997 introduced the human poverty index (HPI) which focuses on the proportion of people below a threshold level in basic dimensions of Human Development- Living a long and healthy life, having access to education, and a decent standard of living HPI-1 rank 103 countries HPI-1 Value % Lebanon 18 9.6 Best performer in Arab States( Occupied Palestinian Territories) 7 6.5 Worst performer in Arab States (Yemen) 77 40.3 Best performer in the world (Uruguay) 1 3.6 Worst performer in the world (Niger) 103 64.4

7 Building the capabilities of women
The Gender Related Development Index (GDI) introduced in HDR 2005 captures inequalities in achievement between women and men GDI rank 140 countries GDI Value HDI rank Minus HDI value Lebanon 68 0.745 -4 0.759 Best performer in Arab States) Kuwait) 39 0.843 1 0.844 Worst performer in Arab States (Yemen) 121 0.448 0.489 Best performer in the world (Norway) 0.960 0.963 Worst performer in the world (Niger) 140 0.271 0.281

8 Gender Empowerment Measure (GEM)
The Gender Empowerment Measure (GEM) reveals whether women take an active part in economic and political life. It focuses on gender inequality in key areas of economic and political participation and decision-making. It tracks the following: share of seats in the parliament held by women; female legislator, senior officials and mangers, female professionals and technical workers, Gender disparity in earned income, reflecting economical independence, The GEM value for Lebanon can not be calculated because some data are missing

9 The Gender Empowerment Measure
Seats in Parliament held by women(% of total) Female administrators and managers Female professionals and technical workers (% of total) Estimated female earned income (PPPUS$) Ratio of female earned income to male earned income 1. Rwanda (45.3) 1.Philippines (58.1) 1. Barbados(71.3) 1.Luxemburg (34,891) 1.Kenya (0.93) 2.Sweden (45.3) 2.Fiji (50.6) 2.Lithuania (69.7) 2.Norway (32,273) 2.Switzerland (0.90) 3. Norway (38.2) 3.Tanzania(49.1) 4.Mongolia (65.6) 3. US (29,017) 141.Sudan(0.32) 156.Iran (4.1) 4.US (45.9) 6. Russian Federation (64.5) 88.Sir Lanka (2,580) 142. Algeria(0.31) 159.Lebanon(2.3) - 89.Lebanon (2,431) 143. Lebanon(0.31) 162.Yemen(0.3) 85.Pakistan (2.4) 86.Saudi Arabia (6.4) 154. Sierra Leone(326) 154.Oman(0.19)

10 2005 HDR The HDR 2005: “International Cooperation at Cross Roads” has three objectives: To outline the state of HD across the world, with a special focus on how far countries are from achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) To draw attention to inequality as an important barrier to progress. The report argues that millions of people could be lifted out of poverty if steps were taken to income the growth rate of incomes of the poor. To discuss the three core issues of international cooperation: Aid, Trade and Security where steps are needed Notes for you to say: Without aid for health, education and other social services aimed at reducing inequalities, countries will not have work forces productive enough to engage with international economy. Without access to markets in trade,aid resources would go waste as development and poverty reduction remain stunted. And without addressing human security concerns, many countries that have recently emerged from episodes of violent conflict, will not see progress on MDGs.

11 2005 HDR Focuses on what governments in rich countries can do to keep their side at the global partnership bargain. The Report looks at 3 pillars of Cooperation: Development Assistance which suffers from two problems:chronic under financing and poor quality International trade which has the potential to increase the share of the world’s poorest countries and people in global prosperity Security which could create the conditions for accelerated human development. Failure in any one area will underline the foundations for future progress Notes for you to say(conclusion) What the report is saying is that human development is greater than meeting the MDGs (although they are very important) and concerted actions on these areas of international cooperation can lay the foundations for development even beyond 2015.

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