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Decent Work for All ASIAN DECENT WORK DECADE 2006-2015 Green Jobs for Green Growth International Conference on Green Industry in Asia Manila, 9-11 September.

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1 Decent Work for All ASIAN DECENT WORK DECADE 2006-2015 Green Jobs for Green Growth International Conference on Green Industry in Asia Manila, 9-11 September 2009 Vincent Jugault Senior Environment & Decent Work Specialist ILO ROAP-Bangkok

2 The decent work challenge Unemployed: 190 m globally 1 billion excluded from socio-economic development to create 500 m new jobs for young job seekers in the next ten years 5.3 billion with no social security 1.6 billion without access to energy 9 billion people in 2050 The climate mitigation challenge How to achieve globally, under these conditions by 2050: 550 ppm CO2 eq, or 450, or 350 ? efficiency improvement by a factor 5, or more? 70 % reduction of GHGs emissions?

3 Green Jobs can be generically defined as the direct employment created in economic sectors and activities, which reduces their environmental impact and ultimately brings it down to levels that are sustainable. This includes jobs that help to reduce the consumption of energy and raw materials, decarbonizes the economy, protect and restore ecosystems and biodiversity and minimize the production of waste and pollution. ILO/UNEP Green Jobs = Environmentally sustainable + Decent Combined enforcement of labor and environmental standards

4 High potential sectors Energy efficiency: buildings, Renewable energy Mobility: mass transportation Recycling, waste management Sustainable environment based economic sectors (forestry, agriculture, fisheries, etc) Environmental services (eco-industry) Environmental quality based sectors (eco- tourism) Greening the industry: greener jobs

5 Ship-breaking Over 100,000 workers in Asia, almost all untrained and unprotected in an environmentally damaging and hazardous industry. Recycling Millions of workers in Asia involved in hazardous waste recycling (e-waste, lead and other heavy metals, etc.) in the informal sector.

6 Unsustainable jobs will be lost through economic restructuring Fossil Fuel (and Metals) Mining Employment in Selected Countries, 1996 – 2006 country19962006Change China9,0205,580-38 Slovakia3416-52 South Africa603398-34 Malaysia3527-22 Source: UNEP, ILO, ITUC Green Jobs Initiative, Green Jobs: Towards Sustainable Work in a Low-Carbon World, Report Prepared by the Worldwatch Institute with technical assistance from the Cornell University Global Labor Institute, December 2007, p. 34 Compensated by high employment growth rates in green sectors in an increasing number of countries Employment in the German Renewable Sector, 1998, 2004, and 2006 199820042006 Wind, Solar,, hydro, geothermal, biomass, services 16,60063,90082,100 n.a Total66,600157,100231,300 n.a

7 Direct and Indirect Jobs in the U.S. Renewable Sector, 2006 Industry SegmentDirect JobsDirect and Indirect Jobs Wind Power 16,000 36,800 Photovoltaics 6,800 15,700 Solar Thermal 800 1,900 Hydroelectric Power 8,000 19,000 Geothermal 9,000 21,000 Ethanol 67,000152,000 Biodiesel 2,750 6,300 Biomass Power 66,000152,000 Fuel Cells 4,800 11,100 Hydrogen 4,000 9,200 Total, Private Industry181,150427,000 Federal, State/Local Administration 6,900 15,870 Trade and Professional Associations, NGOs 1,500 3,450 Grand Total193,550446,320 With considerable spillovers from direct green job creation

8 In magnitude, it is the greening of existing jobs and processes that matters most Labour productivity has increased by more than 270 % over the past four Decades In the same period, the productivity of raw materials and energy increased by much less, 100 % and 20 % respectively

9 Net gain in jobs from active climate and environmental policies Large potential in developing countries and emerging economies Only decent + environmentally sustainable (green jobs) help to meet the dual challenge Economic and labor market impacts: on balance

10 The social dimension in the climate debate A missing link ? negotiation process consultation process policy formulation implementation on the ground

11 The involvement of the social partners Why it is going to be different this time The three phases of the environmental movement The conservation phase Conservation laws of F.D Roosevelt in the 30’ IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature), October 1948, The regulatory phase on pollution prevention & control in the 60’ and 70’ The Climate change and climate variability phase - TODAY it is about energy security (mitigation) adapting to climate change affecting ALL sectors of the economy central to socio-economic development

12 The Green Jobs Initiative is a partnership between the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the International Labour Organization (ILO), the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) and the International Organization of Employers (IOE). The initiative was launched in to mobilize governments, employers and workers to engage in dialogue on coherent policies and effective programmes leading to a green economy with green jobs and decent work for all.

13 Some points of intervention for a Green Jobs Initiative 1. Turn the challenge posed by Climate Change into opportunities for jobs and livelihood 2. Introduce ‘social clauses’ into the next protocol on Climate change and help recognize the key role of the world of work 3. Promote a ‘just transition’ to sustainability 4. Develop adequate social tools for most exposed populations to climate variability 5. Gender unbalance: the double deficit 6. The migration effect due to climate change and climate variability

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