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Y GentXt? % of teens who use each method of communication daily.

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2 Y GentXt? % of teens who use each method of communication daily

3 Things to know: How many text messages do Americans send?? YEAR Number of text messages sent per month in US 2000: 14 million 2005: 10 Billion 2009: 135 BILLION

4 Things To Know: Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of teen deaths. One out of 5 16 year olds will be in a crash Statistics Top Ten - Causes of death in older teens.

5 Texting while Driving Dialing Emailing Twitter Texting (both reading and responding) Updating social networking sites Surfing the Web

6 The Problem 46% of teen drivers admit to texting while driving #1 teen driving distraction VTII: 8-23 times increased risk of crash AAA: 50 times greater risk NSC: 200,000 (up to 1M) crashes due to texting per year

7 The Problem PEW STUDY: 73% of teens admit to being in a car when driver is texting. NOVICE DRIVER TEXTING STUDY: Driver’s eyes off road 400% more time

8 GENT X TING TRIVIA: I C $$$$$ Many accidents caused by texting while driving are “minor” with damage to the body of one or more cars. What is the average cost of an accident without injury? A.Minimal, less than $100 per car B.$100-$500 per car C.About $1000 per car D. Over $2000 per car

9 TEXTING TRIVIA: I C $$$$$ Most accidents caused by texting while driving are “minor” with damage to the body of one or more cars. What is the average cost of an accident without injury? D. Over $2000

10 The Problem: What is the cost? Possible or non-incapacitating Injury: $26,000- $54,000 Incapacitating injury: $67,000-$214,000 Death: Over $1,000,000

11 Why is Texting and Driving Dangerous? There are three types of distraction involved while texting and driving: Eyes off Road: When you text and drive, you may look at things but you won’t SEE them. Hands off Wheel: Swerving; Inability to quickly steer away from unexpected hazards. Mind off driving: New research shows that only one complex task can be done at a time.

12 Driving “Blind”

13 Driving “Blind”: One of the biggest problems with texting while driving is something called “Inattention Blindness.” Inattention blindness means you are looking at something but you don’t actually see it.

14 This is what you see undistracted…

15 This is what you see with the distraction of a cell phone…

16 OVER 50 RESEARCH STUDIES ON CELL PHONE USE WHILE DRIVING Do not “see” 50% of objects on the road Slower speed to compensate for attention to texting or talking. Slower braking time Drift in and out of lanes Forget to check mirrors and instruments At intersections, fail to look at stop lights and to look to the right.

17 What you think you know… but don’t: “I can get better at texting while driving.” You cannot get better at texting while driving “I’m multitasking!” If you are trying to do two complex things at once, your brain automatically switches between the two activities— leaving one activity unattended. “It won’t happen to me”

18 Things to think about: You are not an exception…. Be AWARE of the real risks. Be more focused with distracted drivers on the roads around you! One crash affects many people, NOT just you!!

19 How twd has affected others: Reggie Shaw, 19, was on his way to work when he caused a car crash that killed two men. He was texting his girlfriend … For the uncut version: YouTube, 1085 ECHO

20 10-85 Echo -2009 Zero Fatalities


22 G2GDrive, TTYL: Strategies 4 Teens “STOP. DROP. DRIVE.” Turn your cell phone off, or to silent mode. “Drop” your cell phone out of reach. “Stop” driving. Pull into a safe area, then text. Have a designated texter.

23 PARENTS STRATEGIES: CAN PARENTS INFLUENCE TEEN DRIVERS? Young driver survey: 66% of teens say their parents can influence their use of a cell phone while driving. Pew Internet Survey/ Gen tXt focus groups: misconceptions about parents being experienced drivers who can text and drive safely

24 Strategies 4 Parents Be a good role model Encourage your teen to speak up Parent-teen contracts with enforced consequences Cell phone blocker technology Advocate at State and local levels Advocate for insurance discounts

25 Strategies & “STOP. DROP, & DRIVE.” BECAUSE … It ’ s the LAW!!!

26 Strategies: Cell Phone Blocking Technology All allow 911, have auto reply-” I am driving” 1.Software tracks cell phone’s GPS; stores messages ($5-$10/mo) 2.Software allows phone’s speaker to read aloud and auto reply messages to respond hands free. ($3-$10/month) 3. Hardware device installed in car detects car running ($99.95 one time) – Recommended reading: David Pogue, New York Times

27 BE THE NEW GENERATION! Support us in our mission to stop texting while driving in our community. – Call or email your state government officials to urge them to change the laws – Educate your friends, relatives, church groups – Encourage your teens to join our group. We have lots of exciting activities coming up. – Learn more at

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