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Distracted Driving – America’s Epidemic. Distracted Driving  In 2010 distracted drivers caused: 3,092 deaths 416,000 injuries  Overall: Cell phones.

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1 Distracted Driving – America’s Epidemic

2 Distracted Driving  In 2010 distracted drivers caused: 3,092 deaths 416,000 injuries  Overall: Cell phones are #1 driver distraction in US 80% accidents due to driver distraction within 3 seconds of crash Drivers using cell phones are 4X as likely to have an injury related crash Same as DUI =.08% BAC Drivers under 20 years old have highest % of fatal crashes due to distracted driving 2/3 of victims are NOT the teen driver

3 Cell Phones Cause Multiple Distractions  Types of distraction Cognitive Visual Manual  Cell phones cause all 3 types of distraction Reduce cognitive brain activity needed for driving by 37% Conversation reduces brain’s ability to notice visual cues = inattention blindness The deeper the level of thought, the less a driver focuses on surroundings Drivers less likely to: Scan for hazards Absorb critical information Make correct decisions React appropriately

4 How Driving Behavior is Affected  Hands free or not, cell phone users are: 9% slower to brake 19% slower to resume normal speed after braking 24% variable in following distance  Cell phone users also: Drift Miss signs, signals, exits, brake lights Leave the roadway Experience high G-force event: Hard braking Hard steering Rapid acceleration

5 Texting Risk of accident 23X greater than talking on cell phone Eyes off road for 2 seconds doubles chance of accident Text takes eyes off road average of 4.6 seconds At 55 mph a car travels the length of a football field with driver’s eyes off road Typical teen sends and receives 100 texts per day

6 Please take out your cell phones



9 They brought back… 7 and 1 3

10 What happened in 4.6 seconds?

11 Other Types of Distraction  Activities drivers report doing while driving: 86% eat and drink 41% set or change GPS 36% read maps, books, newspaper, etc. 20% comb or brush hair 14% put on make up 13% surf the internet  Other types of distraction: Activity from pets or children Adjusting radio/CD/air Searching for an item Insects Fatigue

12 AAA Teen Specific Data Teen girls 2X as likely as teen boys to use electronic devices while driving Teen boys 2X as likely as teen girls to turn around in seat and communicate with people outside vehicle Loud conversation and horseplay more than 2X as likely to occur with multiple teens in vehicle Increases in serious incident Horseplay – 2X Loud conversation – 6X All forms of distracted driving increase in older vs. younger teen drivers

13 Teens Aren’t the Only Culprits……. Vast majority of adults far overestimate their ability to multi-task AAA study shows: 69% drivers talked on cell while driving in past month 89% believe other drivers on cell phones are a threat to their personal safety For 98% of the population, likelihood of crash while using a cellphone increases 4X State Farm study shows: 53% parents admit to phone distraction while teaching teens to drive 61% teens say parents are distracted by phone while teaching teens to drive Consumer Reports study shows: 48% teens say parents talk on cell while driving 15% teens say parents text and drive Both despite telling teens not to do the same

14 Parents Play an Important Role  Talk to you teen Only 22% of parents talk to their teens about safe driving after teens get a license Teens who do not text and drive report having frequent talks with parents about safe driving – 82% vs. 67% Encourage teens to speak up Only 1/3 teens would say something to a driver who is texting or talking on a cell phone vs. 50% adults  Be the example  Know the PA law  Make the pledge StreetSafe recommends:  Silence your phone  Put it in glove box  Play it safe for yourself and your family

15 The Driving Environment Has Changed  More vehicles 254M today Average increase of 3.69M each year since 1960  More larger vehicles 92% light duty trucks  Trucks 2M today Move 70% freight across US Tonnage expected to increase 30% by 2018 600,000 more trucks needed Car/truck accidents - don’t blame the professionals  Congestion In 2011 Americans traveled 5.5 billion additional hours 2.9 billion gallons of fuel $121 Billion

16 The Driving Environment Has Changed  US Roads Highway lane miles grew only 3.5% since 1980 Deteriorating road conditions Wear and tear on vehicles Increased accidents and delays Increased number of construction zones  Higher average speed vs. decade ago 7 out of 10 drivers exceed speed limit Only 1 out of 10 speed zones have 50% compliance Average of 12 mph over legal limit  Aggressive Driving Speeding Lane weaving Improper passing Tailgating Running red lights and stop signs

17 The Driving Environment Has Changed  Road Rage Gestures Engaging another driver through hostile behavior  Aggressive driving and road rage cause 1500 deaths per year  Primary causes: More time in vehicle Frustration Anonymity False sense of safety Power associated with vehicle Most people do not recognize their own behavior  Distractions

18 Preparing Your Teen To Drive Safely  Provide more experience More time BTW, 100 - 120 hours before testing for a junior license Greater variety of settings and conditions Maintain the learners permit for 1 full year  Set rules to minimize distractions No other teen passengers for first 6 months after getting a junior license No use of cell phones or any electronic devices  Take the training process seriously Start early Get help Sign parent teen contract Be consistent in your attitude Clean up your own driving habits  Remember that driving is a privilege not a right

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