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November.22,2007 BY SAMANTHA. The Muscular System.

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1 November.22,2007 BY SAMANTHA. The Muscular System

2 Parts Of The Muscular system

3 The Purpose of The Muscular system
The main purpose of the Muscular system is to help you move your body.

4 How Does Your Muscular System Work
The Muscular system works by moving a part of your body. For example if you move your fingers that means that some of your muscles are moving.

5 How To Keep Your Muscular System Healthy
To keep your Muscular system healthy you need to exercise every day and eat healthy food.

6 What Other Systems Does Your Muscular system Work With And How
Skeletal system The Muscular system works with the Skeletal system because if you did not have the Skeletal system you would just be a big blob.

7 Interesting Facts About The Muscular System
Did you know that you have over 650 muscles in your body? Did you know that if all of your systems did not work together your body would not work right because all the systems work together.

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