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Muscular System MOVE YOUR BODY!.

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1 Muscular System MOVE YOUR BODY!

2 What is it for? To move your body
Helps your body get to the things that it needs Helps your body get away from danger!

3 Contracting and stretching
How does it work? Contracting and stretching Flex one of your arm Feel the muscle that tightening or contracted Feel the muscle that stretched or got flatter

4 How many muscles do you think are in the body?
Three types of muscle!!!!! Skeletal: Moves your whole body Cardiac: Makes up your heart Smooth: Makes your blood vessels and internal organs. How many muscles do you think are in the body?

5 Groups of muscles Part 1 Abdominals Biceps

6 Muscle Groups Part 2 Quadriceps Calf Muscles

7 Muscle Groups Part 3 Forearm Flexors Pectorals

What can you do to take care of your muscles?

9 How to care for your muscles
Exercise! Eat the right foods Get plenty of rest Don’t take drugs!

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