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The Muscular System.

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1 The Muscular System

2 List at least five parts of your body that you use to drink a glass of water.
Fingers, hand, arm, lips and tongue  the muscles control all of the parts that they use to drink water, including the eyes, which are used to see the glass.

3 Have you ever tried to sit still, without moving any muscles at all, for one minute?
It´s imposible!! Muscles are always working

4 The muscular system is made up of…
Muscles and tendons

5 How many muscles do we have?
We have about 650 muscles in our body. Our muscles make up half of our body weight.

6 Our muscles are important because they…
Hold our organs in place Hold our bones together so that I can move Help me chew my food Open and close my eyelids Pump my blood Allow me to run and play Help me to smile!

7 Functions a. Produce movement b. Maintain posture and body position
c.      Support soft tissue d.     Guard entrance and exits e. Maintain body temperature

8 It takes more muscles to
Did you know????? It takes more muscles to frown than to smile?

9 Why do we need tendons? Try This ...
Tendons attach my muscles to my bone helping my body move. Feel your tendon right above your heel in the back of your leg. This is the thickest tendon in your body. Try This ...

10 One way to keep our muscles strong…
Eat foods from the meat group every day. They are high in protein which helps to build strong muscles. Name some foods that are high in protein.

11 Another way to keep strong muscles…
Exercise every day. What are some things you can do every day to help keep your muscular system healthy?

12 Kinds of muscle

13 Cardiac Muscle Skeletal Muscle
Smooth muscle It is found in the digestive tract and in the walls of blood. Cardiac Muscle It is found only in our heart Skeletal Muscle It is attached to our bones for movement

14 Smooth Muscle

15 Skeletal muscle

16 Cardiac Muscle

17 Voluntary and involuntary muscles
Muscle action is not under your control Voluntary Muscle action is under your control

18 Pair work Demonstrate (explain) different resistance and aerobic exercises. Explain the benefits of each exercise. What is the difference between voluntary and involuntary muscle action? Write down 3 new things you have learned in this chapter. Write down one muscular disorder (disease). Make a conceptual map of the muscular system, including: functions, kinds of muscles, tendons and disorders.

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