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CiviContribute. This Week's Agenda CiviContribute is an online fundraising and donor management component which enables you to track and manage contributions.

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1 CiviContribute

2 This Week's Agenda CiviContribute is an online fundraising and donor management component which enables you to track and manage contributions to your organization. It also allows you to quickly and easily create customized web pages to accept online donations. CiviContribute is fully integrated with CiviCRM, and creates or updates contact and donation records for all contributions, eliminating data entry time and errors.

3 Today's Agenda Define and discuss basic CiviContribute terms and concepts Import contributions Access and Manage searches (reporting)

4 What CiviContribute Allows Define your own contribution types for the different contributions your organization receives: in-kind, cash, and volunteer time, for example. Add custom fields to track extra information about a contribution or contributor (for example, specific information required by the FEC for campaign contributions). Create as many different Online Contribution pages as you need - for different campaigns, chapters, etc. Automatically generate receipts, and track thank-you notes. Easily import and export contribution data to/from other systems like an accounting package. Search for contributions by type, amount, date, etc. Offer a selection of premiums (thank-you gifts) to your contributors. View past contributions when viewing any contact record.

5 What is a Contribution? Contributions are a type of activity, and a fundamental concept of CiviCRM. Contributions are used whenever there is a financial element to an interaction. A contribution will be created for each donation or campaign contribution, for paid events and for membership fees. CiviCRM comes with several predefined contribution types (including donations, campaign contributions, membership fees and event fees). You can define additional types to meet your needs. Contributions have different statuses which reflect the process of receiving a contribution. Some of these statuses are are set automatically by payment processors.

6 Planning for CiviContribute

7 What kind of Data and Fields CiviContribute has a set of predefined fields to track contribution information. If you need to track more information about contributions, you can define and use custom data fields. Custom data might be useful to further categorize your contributions or track additional information. Consider all the information you want to track about your contributions, including the reports. Then carefully compare your data needs to CiviCRM's predefined fields. A lot of useful functionality is built in to the core contribution fields and there's no point in duplicating them with custom fields.

8 Continued... Check the existing Contribution types: These can be added to just like other "types" To aid integration with your accounting software, you can assign an accounting code to each contribution type. This accounting code is included when you export contributions for import into your accounting package.

9 Report Contributions

10 General Contribution Types and Accounting codes o Administer > CiviContribute > Contribution Types Premiums o Administer > CiviContribute > "Premiums (Thank-You Gifts) Accepted Credit Cards o Administer > CiviContribute > Accepted Credit Cards Payment instruments o Administer > CiviContribute > Payment Instruments

11 Adding Contributions When your organisation receives a contribution from a contact, you can add it to their record. If the donor does not already exist in the database, you need to first create a new contact record for them. Use the links on the CiviCRM home page to create a New Individual, New Organization, or New Household, and fill out any information you have for this contact. Once the record is created, you can then enter the contribution. Once the contact is created click - New contributions Search within existing contact list Follow the rest of the fields

12 Continued... What is the "Soft Credit To:"? The "Soft Credit To" field works with personal campaign pages (PCPs) that harness your contacts' help for campaigns. As described in the previous chapter, when a donor sets up a PCP for their friends and family to make donations to your organisation, some of the credit goes to the donor who set up the PCP. The person giving the money receives a "hard" credit while the owner of the PCP receives a "soft" credit.

13 Finding Contributions Actions: Batch Update Contributions Via Profile: this is useful if you want to update a large number of contributions' thank-you date at once, for example. You need to create the profile you want to use before you perform the search and batch update (see the the chapter Profiles in the Configuration section for more information about creating profiles). Delete Contributions: this removes contributions entirely from the system, as if they had never been entered in the first place. Editing contributions and updating their status to canceled provides a better audit trail, but there may be situations where you do want to delete, such as a contribution entered on the wrong contact's record.

14 Export Contributions: because this search is contribution- centric, it does not recognize if contributions come from the same contact. Therefore, if one contact has multiple contributions that fit the search criteria, that contact will appear as multiple rows when you export your spreadsheet. If you want to do searches that return one result per contact, use the contact advanced search. Print or Email Contribution Receipts: this allows you to create a PDF file of all the receipts in the search, or email the receipts to the associated donors. Send Email to Contacts: send an email to all or selected contacts found in the search. Update Pending Contribution Status: update the contribution status of all or selected contacts who have contributed online. This action only works with online contributions, and the same contribution status will be applied to all the contributions selected for updating.

15 CiviCRM Case Studies Upstream Public Health Non-Profit Association of Oregon

16 Online Contribution Page Can individuals contribute on behalf of an organization? This is most commonly used for membership sign-up pages (discussed later). Do you want to allow people to pledge a certain amount as they contribute? A pledge is a commitment to give a certain amount over a certain period of time--for instance, a fixed amount deducted from a credit card every month. Pledges are a great way to allow your supporters to provide long-term support to your organization. What are the amounts you want people to choose from? Some organizations call these "donation levels" and they're important because they give a potential donor a range and suggestions of what to give. You may also allow donors to complete an "other amount" field and ignore your predefined giving levels.

17 Continued... What text do you want to appear in the following? The introduction of the contribution page The footer of the contribution page The text for the thank-you page The automatic email receipt sent to the contributor (optional) Do you want to enable the "tell-a-friend" feature? This allows donors to forward the page to friends, which can be very powerful in spreading your message throughout their social networks. Do you provide premiums such as T-shirts or tote-bags to donors who give a certain minimum? If you do, be sure to set up your premiums within the CiviCRM administration pages first, as described earlier.

18 Today we are going to configure a contribution page As a reminder, in order to make a page that contains everything you want be sure to configure the following: Contribution Types and Accounting Codes Premiums Accepted Credit Cards Payment Instruments

19 Configuration Administer-->civicontribute-->new contribution page. you can manage existing contribution pages

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